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Our client purchased this home in Lyn Valley and hired AZ’s talented North Shore painters to help make it really hers. We hired the services of our designer to help the client choose the best design for bedrooms, as well as the whole home.
The home would need complete interior house painting to match the recommended theme, with complete theme design for the bedrooms. But first, the ceilings and the walls had been damaged, so they required extensive patching.
Keep reading to learn how our interior house painting services helped customize this home from top to bottom!

Painting Preparation


His project needed extreme coordination and time management because the client needed to move in the home within the next week.
Before we could even think about painting, there was a lot of preparation that needed to be done. Walls should always be prepped for painting.
Preparation can range, depending on whether you have wooden, drywall, or even stone walls. This often includes repairing and smoothing out surfaces.
Most importantly, a wall needs to be cleaned and properly sanded to provide a blank canvas for the paint to lay smoothly.
First, the damaged ceiling needed to be repatched, texturized, and repainted. Second, we needed to perform excessive wall patching and repair in multiple walls of the home

Interior House Painting Process


After all the repairs were done, our talented interior house painters infused the home with the theme chosen by the homeowner and our talented in-house designer. We applied two coats of hight quality paint to all of the walls in the home.
As finishing touches, we painted all of the window trim, baseboards, doors, and casings in a fresh white.
In the pictures, you can see that we brightened up the living room, which matched the all of client’s lighter décor, perfectly contrasted the darker décor, and even made the flooring look lighter as well.

Implementing Theme Design for Bedrooms:


Implementing a designer theme always starts with a consultation. Our designer is an expert in curating theme design for bedrooms to suit any taste! Together with the client, they worked on each bedroom to curate a separate design for each bedroom, while still playing into the home’s color scheme.
A common element of this house painting project was brightening up the rooms. Neutral colors look great where there are big windows that allow more natural light. But in rooms with smaller windows, things can seem a bit dark.
The designer helped the client choose the best theme design for each bedroom while they still blend in with the overall color palette of the home and reflect more of the natural light.

We started with the children’s bedrooms, which required something a bit more playful than what was there.
In the pictures, you can see how we the children’s bedrooms from bland to bright and inspirational.
On the left, you can see the before and after photos of the boy’s bedroom. Our expert designer chose this lighter shade blue to brighten up the room.
Blue tones also create a relaxed energy and promote better sleep.
Now, the light blue of this room perfectly matches the furniture, blends seamlessly with the ceiling and trim paints, and is complimented by the Spiderman decal.
In the girl’s bedroom, you see that the previous color of the wall is much too dark. Also, sandy brown doesn’t quite suit the taste of a little girl.
So, our designer implemented a whimsical pink theme to brighten things up. Now, this little girl has a place of her very own, designed just for her!


This soft pink shade is also complimented by the décor, and the artwork on the left side of the bedroom. Soft pink is a gentle soothing colour, that promoted relaxation and comfort. Plus, it blends well with a white variety of colors like red and purple, and others.

For the master bedroom, the design was to remain neutral, but lighter. The previous color of the wall did blend well with the white doors, trim, and ceiling.


So, our interior painters fitted this bedroom with a creamy color. This made a happy medium between the beige and white.

The creamy color of the walls is a warmer option to white, while still brightening up the atmosphere. Off-white shades like this soften the contrast between the white trim and the black décor, such as the curtains and dresser.

Now, the beam on the room’s ceiling is almost invisible, and all the colors, including the décor, blend well to create a bright, spacious master bedroom.

AZ Burnaby Painting Services


At AZ Painting, we provide the option to contract a designer to fully customize your home. If not, you can always consult one of our expert interior house painters when you book your free quote appointment with us!
We’re ready, and more than happy to help you make your house into your dream home with our interior house painting team.
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