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” We are a local family-owned business based in Burnaby. We have been servicing greater Vancouver and surrounding cities since 2011. Our focus is to modernize the color and vibe of industrial, commercial, and multi-complex properties. We built a reputation with our residential clients for the past 12 years. We strive to bring the same quality of service to multi-complex units and strata buildings.
With more than 30+ years of experience, we’re experts with keen attention to detail. Additionally, we never subcontract, meaning that projects are only done by our painters.”

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We are working primarily in and around Burnaby and the surrounding cities, on schemes that range from small intimate spaces to large projects.

Commercial Painting

Wide range of commercial painting services to maintain the building's structural appearance.

Residential Painting

We Do All Types Of 2D And 3D design Computerized Designs.

Interior Painting

We paint many interior surfaces. Additionally, we can remove popcorn ceilings and repair drywalls.

Exterior Painting

Before painting we pressure wash, cover surfaces, repair rotted areas, fix stucco damages, and more.

Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating

Best solutions for concrete floor applications. Parking garage, Malls, Supermarkets

Commercial Painters

Painting Services in Coquitlam

AZ Painting Company offers a wide range of services that extend beyond the application of paint. Our professionals are skilled in surface preparation, interior and exterior painting, specialized finishes, color consultation, wallpaper removal services, and catering to both residential and commercial clients. They play a vital role in transforming spaces, enhancing aesthetics, and protecting surfaces against the elements, all while adhering to safety and environmental standards. Painting companies are an essential part of the construction and maintenance industry, providing valuable services that contribute to the beauty and longevity of buildings and homes. Our A+ rating at Better Business Bureau indicates the integrity of our business

Interior Consultation

Exterior Consultation

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Residential Painters

Elevating Spaces with Color and Craftsmanship​

Residential painters are experienced professionals who play a crucial role in improving the appearance of residential properties. Their meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge of colors and styles results in a transformative experience for homeowners. They effectively highlight the unique character and personality of each household, creating an engaging and inspiring ambiance. Their skills are essential when it comes to the interior or exterior painting of a home. They employ their expertise to enhance the natural features of the property and accentuate its distinct charm. They use precise brushstrokes and a steady hand to transform even the most outdated or worn-out spaces into visually-appealing works of art, all while ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail. In short, residential painters are invaluable contributors to the overall appearance and comfort of a home, creating a visually-pleasing environment that residents and visitors will appreciate.

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