Project Details:

  • Project Interior Painting
  • Clients T. Vaneer
  • Location New Westminster, BC
  • Project Year 2021

Interior Condo Painting Burnaby

This interior condo painting project required a whole new interior painting design. The new design was centred around the double-sided feature wall. As a result, the feature wall now has a modern concrete design to match the whole condo.

This bold and modern condo was a pleasure to work on. Our condo painting skills were put to the test with high ceilings and extensive design work. Luckily, our expert interior painting team was ready for this total condo update!

Keep reading to see how AZ Burnaby Painting revived this condo from the bottom to the top!

Full Interior Painting Design

Of course, preparation is key to any successful project. Also, paint generally lasts longer on a prepared surface. Preparing surfaces for interior painting requires washing, scraping, sanding, and any required wall repairs.

The whole condo needed to be repainted, from the ceilings, all the way down to the baseboards. Step by step, we painted every surface to match our client’s design theme. But the true design work was focused on the kitchen and the living room.

As stated, this was a complete condo painting project. Here is a full list of what our team did for this interior painting project:

  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Casings
  • Window Trims
  • Baseboards
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Accent Wall Design

Complimentary colour on the rest of the walls.

Interior Condo Painting | Project Challenges

esigning this interior project was a big challenge. The condo had really high 12-foot ceilings, and the client wanted a concrete mural from the kitchen counter to the ceiling. This was a tough task, as we had to ensure it was both safe and stylish.

The high ceilings required us to carefully plan the design, so it looked good and wasn’t overwhelming. Making the space feel balanced was tricky, given the vast height.

The concrete mural was the boldest part of the project. Concrete is heavy, so we needed to make sure it wouldn’t fall. We had to strengthen the walls and ceilings to support the weight and keep everyone safe. It was like mixing art with engineering.

One of the biggest problems was the library on the second floor. There were no protective railings, which is not safe. To follow safety rules, we added see-through glass barriers and railings. This made the library safe without ruining the design.

In the kitchen, the concrete mural was a big job. The wall was so tall that we needed different scaffolds to reach the top parts. Three scaffolds were used to make it all work together, like a carefully planned dance.

In the end, this project was a mix of art and safety, and it was the challenges that made it interesting. The condo now looks fantastic, with a cool concrete mural and safe, smart design everywhere. It shows how creativity and hard work can make a home both beautiful and secure.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Prior to embarking on the color wall project, our first order of business was to give the kitchen a much-needed facelift. Our vision for this transformation was to breathe fresh life into the kitchen space, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this was by refurbishing the kitchen cabinets. We decided to take a bold and contemporary approach by opting for a striking black color scheme, aligning perfectly with our overarching modern European design concept.

In executing this design, we artfully blended various shades of black, white, and grey to create a harmonious and cohesive color palette that seamlessly integrated with the condo’s overall color scheme. The end result of this seemingly simple change was nothing short of transformative, as it completely revolutionized the look and feel of the kitchen.

A+ Best Rated Painting Company

This modern room painting color ideas design we embraced was characterized by a sleek and sophisticated color scheme that was both chic and elegant. The once-typical cabinets now exuded a level of modernity that had previously been absent, making a profound impact on the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. The convergence of these carefully selected colors came together in perfect unison to yield a living space that radiated balance and unity, turning our condo into a truly harmonized and stylish home.

In summary, what began as a humble project to update the kitchen cabinets ultimately evolved into a holistic transformation that elevated the entire living space to a new level of modernity and sophistication. This design endeavor exemplified the power of color and its capacity to breathe life into even the most commonplace elements of our homes.