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Best Home Painting Color Trends 2023

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As we welcome another new year, we have the opportunity to revitalize our living spaces with a fresh coat of paint. Decorating or redecorating rooms can help us exercise our creativity, and changing the color of our walls can lay the foundation for a whole new look. Each year, paint companies unveil new palettes of colors created specifically to spark our imagination and spruce up our interiors. This year, we can look forward to new home painting colors and vibes in 2023.

The Benefits of Green and Gray home painting

In 2022, the Benjamin Moore color of the year was October Mist, a silver-green shade that evokes the stem of a flower and allows our imagination to blossom. The 13 other colors in the palette co-ordinate with it beautifully, bringing the serenity of the outdoors into our homes. Sherwin-Williams chose Evergreen Fog for its 2022 color of the year, a simple, but sophisticated green-meets-gray with a touch of blue added. Six co-ordinating, nature-inspired paint colors help give a modern, organic feel to our rooms.

The 2022 colors of the year, Evergreen Fog and October Mist, combine the benefits of green and gray. They can act as neutrals, while conveying the feeling of the outdoors in an interior space. Greens are calming colors and can have a cooling effect on sunny spaces. They mix very well with other colors reminiscent of nature.

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, noted online that in choosing the right green as color of the year, “We didn’t want it to be too dark or something you’d necessarily relegate to a cabinet or a piece of furniture or an accent wall. We wanted it to be a color you could put on all four walls — and have it look really beautiful.”

Evergreen Fog is more subtle and relatable than many other green hues and pairs well with the hues in the company’s Method palette for 2022, colors that offer earthiness and rich warmth.

Color specialist Nicole Pivorotto calls October Mist “a gorgeous soft and earthy shade of green” that connotes restoration, relaxation, and peace. It has what she calls “a balanced and restorative vibe.” It works beautifully with the other 13 colors in Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color Trends palette.

Choosing the Perfect Shades for Your Home Painting

Before rushing out to purchase paint, brushes, and rollers, give some thought to the rooms you’ll be refreshing and how you use them. This will help you choose the perfect shades for your home. Also, consider the effect you’d like to achieve for each space. Perhaps you want to convey warmth or drama or calm. This, too, will inform your color choices. How does each color make you feel? How would you like it to affect others?

Here are a few additional questions about the spaces where you eat, sleep and soak that you should consider when choosing colors and accents:

Home Painting Bathroom

  • Do you zip in for a quick shower or brush your teeth quickly, before rushing off to start your day?
  • Do you enjoy soaking in the tub, relaxing and enjoying an escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life?
  • Is the bathroom a private space or one used by guests?

Home Painting Bedroom

  • Does this space cater to adults, children, or teens?
  • Is it someplace they like to spend free time, or is it really just a place to sleep?
  • Do friends or partners join them in using the space?

Home Painting Kitchen

Is this a utilitarian, task-oriented room or is it somewhere you linger? Do you spend time sitting with family or friends at a table or an island? Are younger feet wandering in and out in search of snacks? Do you envision a formal or informal atmosphere?

Time to Colour Up

Once you have a sense of the vibe you’d like a room to convey, think about the effects you’ll get from using some of this year’s colours, whether paired with Evergreen Fog or October Mist or on their own. Consider accent walls, painted “backsplashes” on shelving units or alcoves in complementary colours. Make your ceiling a colour other than the standard white.

You can use this year’s pale colours to invigorate your senses and turn to botanicals for warmth and comfort. Add the new twists on primary colours to express your creativity.

The 2022 palettes work well with the trend in “barely there” wood finishes, rougher tile and stone surfaces and warmer metallics that are popping up everywhere as accents.

So, now that you know the basics about this year’s colours, don’t wait – it’s time to start planning your home’s new look.

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