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3 Tips To Choose the Right Colours for Your Interior Painting Project

Choosing colours for your interior painting project can be very overwhelming. When you’re investing in professional painting services, you need to be confident you’ve selected the right tones that will add value and ambiance to your Greater Vancouver Area interior space. 

At AZ Painting, we find that many of our clients like to select colours that work with the room’s furnishings. Although it’s good practice for your chosen colours to complement your furnishings, it’s also important that they create the mood you’re looking for in that area.

Below are three important tips we recommend you consider when making your interior painting colour selection.

Keep Your Interior Paint Colour Choice Simple

interior painting of condo, after picture

The majority of mistakes we see that Vancouver homeowners, commercial businesses, or interior designers make when selecting interior paint colour is choosing too many colours. We understand the temptation to combine different hues and tones in a complementary manner for that ultimate wow factor, however, too many colours can result in the opposite effect. When interior paint colours are in poor contrast, they make a room appear smaller and cluttered. 

Prevent this mistake by choosing just one dominant colour to use throughout the room. To showcase your love of colour, rely on accent decor, art selections, or furniture pieces. However, if you can’t resist implementing a second colour or feature wall, be sure that second colour offsets the first one, as well as the furniture in the room. This will allow the colour to show itself and give your Vancouver interior space that wow factor. 

Consider Lighting in Your Interior Paint Colour Selection

Neutral colors in living room

The lighting of a room plays a huge roll in the colour you choose for your interior painting project, just as your selection of quality professional painters. Many default mistakes that tend to happen when selecting paint colours include opting for mid to dark colours when the room’s lighting doesn’t support that choice. It’s upsetting to find out after the paint job is completed that your chosen colour is creating an unintended result.
When we consult with our clients at AZ Painting, we assess the interior space’s lighting and factor that in as part of our colour selection recommendation services

If you have plenty of natural light shining through the windows; it’s important to have multiple samples of your colour palette in different areas of your room. This will allow you to view the colour throughout the day. It’s best to make a colour selection decision after you’ve had a full day to observe the colour at different times of the day you’re in the room.

Light or Dark? Which Effect Do You Prefer?

Before room with dark interior paint colour and after with light colour.

When picking a colour for any room, it’s important to ask yourself what effect you’d like to achieve. Do you want to create a cozy, inviting space, or would you like an area that appears open and spacious? Each colour has an energy and its own mood that effect the appearance of a room. Dark colours tend to make the room look more cozy and smaller.  Lighter colours will open the space up and make it appear larger and brighter. 
Today’s modern colours are bright white colours or whites with a bit of tint added to them. These colours are still very bright. However, with a few drops of yellow, grey or green we can ensure that the room is spacious and bright with a hint of colour to complement your furnishings.

AZ Painting offers fast and affordable interior painting services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and the surrounding area. Our in-house, skilled painters are ready to outfit your home or business interior with a beautiful new colour of your choice. If you are unsure of what colour to pick, we are happy to assist you.

commercial interior painting of the Cosentino waiting room

5 Reasons Winter is the Perfect Season for Interior Commercial Painting Projects

With the rainy season here in the lower mainland, now is the perfect time to refresh your office or commercial workspace with quality commercial painting services from AZ Painting in Vancouver. Fall and winter offer unique advantages that will benefit your business’s interior painting project. We’ve outlined 5 reasons Vancouver’s winter season is the perfect time for your commercial business to tackle an interior painting project.

Save Money on Interior Commercial Painting

Winter is known for being less busy than spring and summer for trade workers in the construction industry. This means, if you’re looking to save costs on labor for your interior painting project, winter is the right time. Wait until spring to start your Vancouver office or retail interior painting project and you’ll likely find costs are much higher than in winter!

Maximize Employee Vacation with an Interior Commercial Painting Project

Since employees often take more time off during the holiday season, take advantage of the unoccupied desks and work spaces. Winter is the perfect time to find a well-rated Vancouver painting contractor to come in and rejuvenate the interior of your commercial office rooms. 

Flexible Schedule Options in Winter

Winter has less demand for commercial painters than summer making it ideal for you to get exactly what your schedule requires from your selected interior painting company, both in price and in service. November to March is a great time frame for hiring commercial painters in Vancouver so that your investment will be long-lasting, and you’ll end up with a paint job that looks great for years to come.

Let an Interior Commerical Painting Job Boost Employee Morale

Perk up your staff’s post-holiday blues with a professional interior paint job from AZ Painting Vancouver. Upon returning from holidays, your employees will be pleased to find an invigorated and refreshed workspace. A refreshing way to work through the wet and dreary days of a Vancouver winter.

Impress Clients with a Sleek Interior Commercial Painting Job

Keep business booming after the holiday season by offering your clients an impressive space to conduct business. A good interior paint job signals to clients that you are a thriving, successful company with keen attention to detail.

Consult AZ Painting Vancouver 

At AZ painting we pride ourselves on working within our client’s time frame, budget and painting needs. Our experienced in-house employees and management team will ensure your workplace is rejuvenated and ready for work. Our associated designer will be able to assist you in implementing an energetic, focused workspace.