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Residential Transparent
Staining Project

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Residential Transparent Staining Project


This residential transparent staining project is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Our client was in need of bringing his home back to life. He called AZ Painting, and we were more than happy to help restore this beauty!
Services Provided.

Preparation with wood is delicate!

Working with wood is very delicate and requires careful attention, as it is easy to burn the wood or damage it. This was a challenging project because it required the current coating on the wood siding to be removed, the wood sanded to perfection and then re-coated with a transparent stain.

Staining Requires Thorough Preparation


Amir found it essential to work with his in-house crew on this project because of the delicate nature of it; he can rely on his crew to do meticulous work. The panorama wood was scrubbed to remove any algae, dirt and mildew. After the wood dried, the crew applied essential products to remove the current stain of certain areas and ensure that the wood was not damaged. After removing all the stain, the crew worked 470 hours to meticulously sand all the wood. Using equipment, we sanded all the straight areas, but the edging needed to be done by hand. Touch-ups to make sure the panorama wood was uniform was also completed by hand.


Transparent Staining

The method of application of the stain is critical in order to enhance the beauty of the natural wood instead of detracting from it. We took the old school method, and brushed each panel individually. which ensures that the stain is evenly applied and the edge of the product is constantly wet.

The Results


The house is nestled in a wooded area. Our staining services enhanced the natural grain of the wood, highlighting its beauty and bringing the appearance of the house into harmony with its surroundings. Stain is breathable and will expand and contract with the wood, and so will handle the changing weather conditions of this area.

“Amir is great. We have worked on different projects together and I will continue to do so. His work will make you happy.”

– Rob Carey.

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