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Eton Street Exterior Residential Painting


The client was looking for a longer-lasting update to his previously stained wood sidings. We applied a quality paint, after properly preparing the surface so the paint would adhere to the surface.

Date : June 2019
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What We Did


This was a small job, but one that needed to be done correctly so the paint would not peel a couple of years down the road. The homeowner was looking to reduce maintenance by applying a long-lasting paint to the wood siding instead of a stain. We used a special primer for the wood — one that would ensure a good adhesion of the top coated Sherwin-Williams paint product. The warranties on the paint required the special priming which would then withstand future peeling, cracking, and/or fading.

The Results


The homeowner can now rest assured that his stained wood sidings maintenance will be drastically reduced. His fascia boards are properly prepared, painted, and well-sealed with a product guaranteed to be durable.

“Amir and his team provided exterior painting and pressure washing services for our home. Amir is very knowledgeable and provided a number of options to achieve our goals for our homes. He did not push us for the most expensive option, he laid out a number of ideas and helped us find the right one that fit our budget and looks great. The AZ team was respectful to our family and our dog, left a clean work space, and got the job done in a timely fashion.”

–Jeremy Dunn.

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