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Painting Coquitlam Park


AZ’s Coquitlam Painters are always proud to serve our community, especially when it involves improving its appearance. When the general contractor called us for this local community project, we were ready to take on a key role! 

Our  Coquitlam painting team was tasked to provide the finishing touches to this beautiful mural in the local park. To protect it from damage and any kind of defacing, we applied a bright green anti-graffiti paint over the concrete wall and then followed it up by sealing the finished mural with an anti-graffiti coating.

Keep reading to see the beautiful creation of the mural and the protective anti-graffiti coating process that played a key role in this Coquitlam community painting project. You’ll soon learn why we’re one of the top Coquitlam commercial painters!

The Importance of Using Anti-Graffiti Paint


Graffiti may be considered art to some people, but this is only true when it’s painted on canvases. To be honest, there’s really nothing artistic about defacing public property. 

The truth is that graffiti, also known as tagging, is a scourge to many industrial lots, commercial buildings, and other public properties. Some are even more daring, trespassing on private property and tagging residential homes. 

Not only is it illegal to tag or mark someone else’s property, but these products are also extremely hard and sometimes impossible for property owners to remove. You can see evidence of this everywhere, one of the most common examples of this being train cars.

Anti-Graffiti Coating for Public Murals and Other Artwork:


In the case of a public mural, such as in a school or even this park, removing graffiti would be an even more difficult task. Unfortunately, many cleaning solutions that remove graffiti paint may also smudge the mural art underneath.

Luckily, there are anti-graffiti paint and coating products to prevent this all together! An anti-graffiti coating is a clear paint that gets applied on a finished surface. 

The coating prohibits any kind of spray paint from sticking. It’s like a protective clear coat for art and other public property that is at risk of being defaced.

How Does Anti-Graffiti Paint Repel Spray Paint?


As mentioned, spray paints won’t bond to the anti-graffiti coating You see, the siloxane ingredients used in anti-graffiti paint products are designed to resist acrylic spray paints commonly used for graffiti. 

The chemicals simply won’t bond together, so the paint just remains over the coating. This makes it easy to wipe off without damaging any of the paint underneath the anti-graffiti coating. 

Further, the materials in some anti-graffiti paint products also provide a protective barrier for the surface from moisture and other kinds of damage. For this project, it meant that the paint used in the mural would remain bright, despite weather conditions and color-fading sunlight.

Coquitlam Painting Project for the Community


As we’ve mentioned, AZ painting was approached for a painting project at a park in Coquitlam. This project consisted of working with other mural artists and contractors to improve a local community park. 

For one side of the mural, we used anti-graffiti green paint. The anti-graffiti paint not only resists spray paint but is also designed for color vibrance and durability. 

This was important, as the mural wall is also a popular rock-climbing wall and would see a lot of damage in the future. After the rest of the mural wall was completed, we applied a thick barrier of durable anti-graffiti coating to the entire concrete wall. 

As we’ve said, using this anti-graffiti paint meant that if any potential graffiti “artists” tried to tag or paint over a mural, it can be easily cleaned off without affecting the mural painting. 

The Final Results


Overall, this community project was a pleasure to work on. The coordination between the other artists and contractors was seamless. 

Thanks to everyone’s participation, the project was an absolute success to the benefit of the Coquitlam community. This community park has a durable rock-climbing wall that features a beautiful mural that is completely protected with an anti-graffiti coating.

The anti-graffiti paint that we applied won’t just resist ugly graffiti, but it will also be able to be cleaned over and over for years to come without losing quality. Now, the entire Coquitlam community can enjoy it for many years to come, without ever having to be worried about graffiti.

Expert Coquitlam Painting Services:

You can rest assured that when you choose AZ’s commercial Coquitlam painters, you’re getting a highly skilled team of professional painters. Our painters are fully trained in the most effective techniques and knowledgeable about the best products.

After a decade in the painting business, we’ve become experts in all tasks involved with painting. Our services have even been successful in improving market value! 

We offer a wide range of services that are certainly not limited to projects like these. We also offer residential and commercial painting services including:

And so much more!

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Take a look at our projects page and social media to see why we’re the top painters in the Greater Vancouver Area! Or call us today to find out how our services can upgrade your home or business! 

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