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What is Strata Painting and its Purpose?


As far as lasting impressions go, strata painting goes a long way when it comes to market value. You can’t just a book by a cover, but you can just a building by its exterior.


Typically, most condos tend to look the same. If your complex stands out, it has a better chance of selling for a higher price.

Curbside appeal is vital to success in the real estate market. Professional strata painting services make sure your complex not only looks good but that it ages with grace. Thus, these services improve the long-term life of the overall project. For instance, interior projects may include ceiling and drywall repairs.


On the other hand, exterior projects may consist of specialized paint that resists rust, among other weatherproofing. The consultation with your go-to team will identify all the necessary improvements that will increase the building’s overall value.


Professional Strata Painting Company in Vancouver


Strata experts will understand the value of a good coat of paint, without hurting your budget.


Additionally, they will know the local strata laws and policies. There may be certain rules and regulations by local councils for high-rise buildings in the area.


Painting crews are trained to work without getting in your way. Therefore, these teams not only get done with the job quickly but in a clean way as well.


Maintenance can be stressful, but an expert strata painting crew’s knowledge of proper tools and techniques ensures your money is well-spent. A one-time cost of employing a strata painting team will reduce yearly upkeep costs by almost 70%. Who doesn’t love to save money?


Reputation is key. So, if you are looking for an expert strata painting contractor in the Vancouver area, call AZ Painting! With a strong background in high-end strata projects, our team is known for timely completion, professional conduct, and high-quality results!