Waterproofing Coating | Exterior Brick Wall

Importance of Painting Maintenance

At AZ Painting, we know that an exterior painting project won’t just involve paint. Maintenance like waterproofing coating is vital to the life of the paint job itself. More importantly, maintenance helps the integrity of the building’s exterior. 

If waterproofing coating isn’t done correctly, it won’t work.  In turn, this causes leaks, which causes numerous problems to a building’s structure and on the inside as well. 

Here’s an example from one of our projects:

This project needed a great deal of preparation before any painting could take place. Most importantly, there was a lot of weather damage, especially to the mortar around the bricks. The entire exterior of the building needed waterproofing coating. This would make certain that there wouldn’t be anymore damage.

Plus, certain sections of the stucco had long cracks lines and the metal was rusting in some areas. As a result, many of the panels had to be removed or adjusted.

 In-House Crew Waterproofing Preparation

Waterproofing coating ensures that no further damage will occur to a surface. For instance, waterproofing makesl the exterior walls of a building resistant to the effects of nature including rain and ice.

Similarly to many services, preparation is crucial before applying any type of coating. Hiring professionals is essential because not a DIY project you want to take on.

 A crew must be skilled in using the right products in the right way. Properly following product directions will make sure that the product will work as it should. 

Remember, waterproofing coating won’t work if it isn’t prepared or applied the right way

Even more, a good crew like AZ is always up to date on new waterproofing products and will be trained in applying them properly. We pride ourselves on doing a project right the first time around.