Project Details:

  • Project Interior Painting Showroom
  • Clients Costantino
  • Location Burnaby, BC
  • Project Year 2019

Interior Commercial Painting

At our company, we take immense pride in our ability to offer interior commercial painting services tailored for commercial properties. In a recent project, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise and dedication to excellence. Not only did we complete the interior painting to perfection, but we also went the extra mile by installing brand new baseboards that served as the perfect finishing touch. This project was substantial in scale, making precise timing of utmost importance. We are thrilled to report that not only did we meet the agreed-upon deadline, but we also maintained the highest standards of quality and efficiency throughout the project.

The success of this project can be attributed to the seamless organization and coordination that characterized every stage. This level of meticulous planning made the entire process not only hassle-free but also immensely enjoyable. Most importantly, the end results were nothing short of stunning. The space underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging with a fresh, modern look that is sure to be appreciated by all who frequent it. In this piece, we’ll delve deeper into the details of this project’s success, highlighting our client’s satisfaction and the impact of our work on their commercial space.

Improve your space with our Interior commercial painting.


Our three years of industry-leading warranty is included with every project we perform. Additionally, the manufacture of the material also incudes their warranty.

30+ Years Painting Experience

Our projects are completed with our experienced in-house employees and we bring 30+ years of experience to every project performed by AZ Painting.

Insured, Bonded, Licensed

We are a licensed, insured, and bonded painting company delivering quality workmanship. Our A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau shows our integrity.

Interior Commercial Painting Transformation

The Cosentino brand, known for its modern and sophisticated style, found a perfect match in the remarkable commercial painting project delivered by the talented team at AZ Painting Ltd. This project not only showcased the capabilities of our team but also demonstrated the versatility of Cosentino’s products in a modern commercial setting.

Lora Construction, the client for this project, expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome and took the time to share their glowing review. It was evident from Lora’s words that Amir’s team exceeded her expectations in every aspect. This speaks volumes about our commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail.

Amir’s team at AZ Painting Ltd. truly went above and beyond in this project. From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, every aspect of their work exuded professionalism. The team’s commitment to punctuality was one of the standout features of their service. Meeting deadlines in a project of this magnitude is not an easy feat, but Amir’s team proved that it’s not only achievable but also non-negotiable. They ensured that the project was not only completed on time but also within budget, without ever compromising on the quality of the work.

Transparency in the contract is an area where AZ Painting Ltd. excelled. Lora Construction appreciated the level of detail in the agreement, which provided them with a clear understanding of the scope of work, materials to be used, and the associated costs. This level of transparency not only builds trust but also ensures that there are no surprises during the project.

Commercial and Industrial Painting

interior painting Results

The final result of this project was truly remarkable. It showcased an impressive level of skill and attention to detail. The painting work was not just flawless; it was a work of art. The choice of colors and their application transformed the commercial space into a modern masterpiece. Cosentino’s products seamlessly blended with the fresh paint, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

What truly set Amir’s team apart was their commitment to cleanliness. A common concern during painting projects is the mess and debris left behind. However, AZ Painting Ltd. went the extra mile to ensure that the space was left immaculate after the painting job was completed. 

Commercial Painting Trust

The success of this project has had a profound impact on Lora Construction. They now have the utmost confidence in AZ Painting Ltd. and have expressed their intention to collaborate on future painting projects. This not only speaks to the exceptional quality of our work but also the trust and satisfaction that we’ve instilled in our clients.

Lora Construction’s positive experience serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team. Building strong and lasting relationships with our clients is a fundamental aspect of our business, and this project is a shining example of how we achieve this.