Waterproofing coating – commercial property

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Date: 2015
Services Provided: Waterproofing. Exterior brick and stucco walls.

Waterproofing brick and stucco walls will help maintain their integrity, reducing cracks while allowing movement.


Protection from the Elements

Waterproofing masonry surfaces has benefits beyond just keeping moisture out. Waterproofing will also prevent crack lines while allowing movement. It is highly flexible and durable, providing protection even while the building shifts and moves. Since waterproofing does not penetrate far into the surface, but rather sits on top, the surface needs to be carefully prepared by filling any cracks or holes.

The key benefits are:

  • Allows the moisture to evaporate while protecting the surface from weather elements
  • Surface movement technology, allows surface to expand and contract 
  • Outstanding protection for masonry and concrete from water penetration

Before waterproofing

The Results

Clean, professional look and protection from the elements for years to come.

“Building Exterior PaintingOur building at work needed a refresh so I searched for some local businesses. Glad I found AZ Painting, they were very thorough and detail oriented. They completed the job quickly with a level of quality that made it well worth it to hire professionals. I’m confident that our building’s exterior will remain in excellent shape for years to come.”

— Tom in Burnaby

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