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4 Benefits of a Fresh Interior Paint Job for Your Vancouver Business

Business owners in the Greater Vancouver Area are keenly aware of the need to stay competitive, regardless of the business sector in which they belong. This winter, amp your company’s competitive edge with a fresh interior paint job from the expert team at AZ Painting Vancouver. Choose our professional painting services for an affordable, quality commercial painting experience that will add value and pride this winter to your business.

In this article, we share four of the benefits your business can enjoy from investing in quality painting services. We also include some of our top professional painting tips and give details on our exclusive, money-saving winter specials. For all these benefits and great information, keep on reading.

Interior Paint Services Enhance Your Customers Experience 

beautifully painted restaurant dining room.

For businesses in the Vancouver area, it’s vital to invest in the enhancement of your customer and client’s experience. Fresh interior painting services from a reputable local painting company are ideal for improving your customers’ experience. New interior paint can easily create a welcoming and warm environment clients will love.

Our Team Values Client Care

Client care is a valuable foundation for our family-run business. We provide each of our clients with exceptional quality painting services and top-notch client care. We’re eager to help you impress your clients with our affordable and beautiful interior painting services. Learn why our Vancouver clients love our work.

Boost Employee Morale with Quality Interior Paint

People feel better when in an environment that appears cared for and maintained. When people feel better, they usually are more productive too! Investing in your commercial interior space with quality painting services is also an investment in your employees. Boost your office’s look and co-worker morale in your lower mainland business with our exceptional commercial painting services.

Pro Tip #1: 

To create an environment that promotes happiness and cooperation, try choosing a yellow hue for your paint colour. Yellow is scientifically proven to enhance feelings of happiness and competence!

Fresh Interior Paint Can Amp Office Productivity

sleek office space with fresh paint

Your employees are the driving force behind your business. Just as investing in your customer’s experience is vital for your business, so too is investing in your employee’s experience. Update and refresh the office with fresh paint from a professional company to invigorate your company productivity.

Pro Tip#2: 

Blue is the colour of calm and productivity. Blend vibrant blue with shades of white to create an office environment that’s energetic and compelling.

Show Off Your Brand with New Interior Paint

Let your brand shine with help from a fresh coat of interior paint. Attract customers to your Vancouver, BC retail space with sleek, new interior colors that enhance your branding efforts. When your store, salon, or office interior is looking it’s best, your product and services will look even better, resulting in more significant traffic and sales. 

Pro Tip #3: Let your product be the star

For businesses that focus on product sales, select interior painting colours that are simple, neutral, and fresh. Allow the quality craftmanship from your professional painting contractor to enhance the appearance of your products, not to distract from them. For more detailed tips on effective colour selection, read here.

Interior Painting Services in Vancouver by AZ Painting: A Great Way to Move Your Business Forward this Winter.

Interior painting services from AZ Painting Vancouver have been improving businesses in the lower mainland since 2011. For more ideas to improve your commercial space’s interior walls, contact us. We’re happy to help your business gain the next level of success.

Ready to boost your business’s interior this winter AND save money? Call us for details about our amazing winter sale!

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5 Reasons Winter is the Perfect Season for Interior Commercial Painting Projects

With the rainy season here in the lower mainland, now is the perfect time to refresh your office or commercial workspace with quality commercial painting services from AZ Painting in Vancouver. Fall and winter offer unique advantages that will benefit your business’s interior painting project. We’ve outlined 5 reasons Vancouver’s winter season is the perfect time for your commercial business to tackle an interior painting project.

Save Money on Interior Commercial Painting

Winter is known for being less busy than spring and summer for trade workers in the construction industry. This means, if you’re looking to save costs on labor for your interior painting project, winter is the right time. Wait until spring to start your Vancouver office or retail interior painting project and you’ll likely find costs are much higher than in winter!

Maximize Employee Vacation with an Interior Commercial Painting Project

Since employees often take more time off during the holiday season, take advantage of the unoccupied desks and work spaces. Winter is the perfect time to find a well-rated Vancouver painting contractor to come in and rejuvenate the interior of your commercial office rooms. 

Flexible Schedule Options in Winter

Winter has less demand for commercial painters than summer making it ideal for you to get exactly what your schedule requires from your selected interior painting company, both in price and in service. November to March is a great time frame for hiring commercial painters in Vancouver so that your investment will be long-lasting, and you’ll end up with a paint job that looks great for years to come.

Let an Interior Commerical Painting Job Boost Employee Morale

Perk up your staff’s post-holiday blues with a professional interior paint job from AZ Painting Vancouver. Upon returning from holidays, your employees will be pleased to find an invigorated and refreshed workspace. A refreshing way to work through the wet and dreary days of a Vancouver winter.

Impress Clients with a Sleek Interior Commercial Painting Job

Keep business booming after the holiday season by offering your clients an impressive space to conduct business. A good interior paint job signals to clients that you are a thriving, successful company with keen attention to detail.

Consult AZ Painting Vancouver 

At AZ painting we pride ourselves on working within our client’s time frame, budget and painting needs. Our experienced in-house employees and management team will ensure your workplace is rejuvenated and ready for work. Our associated designer will be able to assist you in implementing an energetic, focused workspace.