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Interior House Painting

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Interior House Painting in Burnaby


This interior house painting project was a recently bought condo that was almost ready to be put back on the market, but not before a few necessary changes. The client enlisted local favorites AZ Painters in Burnaby to help bring the market value up with our condo painting services.

The results? A fresh condo ready to impress prospective buyers! Keep reading to learn how AZs top interior painters got this condo ready for the market!

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The Condo Painting Process


One of the best reasons for condo painting is to increase its market value. Hiring professional interior painters is one of the best investments you can make in your home before listing it on the market. This isn’t just for good curb appeal, but it’s also to create a space that attracts buyers. 

For this project, our team of painters completed a top to the bottom interior painting job, including: 

  • Ceilings
  • Walls 
  • Trim 
  • Railings 

However, before we could even open a can of paint, there were preparations to be made. Since the home was newly renovated, there weren’t any repairs to make. But, the aging stair railings had to be sanded down before being painted.  

We started this condo painting process off by transforming the stairwell going into the living room. The walls were the same yellow as the living room, and the stair railings that went all the way down to the living room were a very dark brown. 

Our interior painters created a separation between the living room and the stairwell by painting the walls in a neutral grey. This wall color would blend much better with the new white railings and would also flow better with the new color of the living room. 

From the picture on the left, you can see the previous paint job. The yellow walls, chestnut brown railing, mahogany flooring, and white trim did not blend well. This makes the railings become an accidental focal point. 

Our condo painters infused the living room with a neutral darker beige tone to help compliment all of the room’s other elements, such as the furniture and the floor. Using neutral colors is a common practice in home staging. 

On average, prospective home buyers prefer neutral colors. Further, having too many colors and designs throughout a room is distracting, which is not what you want to do to buyers.

Color Coordination by Our Expert Condo Painters


The painters at AZ in Burnaby are very skilled in the elements of design and color coordination. By creating a feature wall, we created a “wow factor” for the living room that would allow more complementary colors could be used in the furniture and other décor. 

As you know, using certain colors isn’t all for coordination. Many people choose colors according to how they want the mood of a room to be.

 Here’s what green does to set the tone: 

  • Using green is a vibrant accent to most neutral colors. 
  • Any shade of green creates a natural element to the room. 
  • Similar to blue, green can also promote mental wellbeing and rest.
  • Olive green, a warmer tone of green, is a symbol of peace. 

Using this shade of green was also designed to contrast the furniture, while still blending into the home’s overall theme. It creates a good middle ground between the lighter neutral colors of the room against the black TV and fireplace. 

The color is still a cool neutral tone, but more vibrant than the beige and browns, which is why it was used on the feature wall. Also, using this color changes the focal point of the whole room. Below, you can see that the focal point was the fireplace with the previous color.

Now, the focal point is the entertainment station, and the fireplace is an additional accent to the room. When the home is put on the market, the feature wall will be a key feature in attracting offers.

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