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Affordable Kitchen Redesign and interior painting

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This local project was a newly purchased condo with two bedrooms. All of the rooms were outdated and without a common theme. Plus, our clients were in need of an affordable kitchen redesign, without all the hassle of a full kitchen remodel. 

That’s why they called the AZ interior painting team! We provided this client with a full interior painting for their condo, complete with a new kitchen and a children’s themed bedroom. The final results? A fully transformed condo with bright bedrooms and a stunning affordable kitchen redesign. 

Keep reading to how AZ Burnaby Painting Services gave the rooms of this condo new life with our design and interior painting services.

Comprehensive Design Process

Kitchen Redesign burnaby-interior-painting-services

This whole project is a tribute to our designer’s talents with interior design concepts and themes. Of course, every good interior painting team will start a project with a consultation, but we took it a step up with a comprehensive theme from our in-house designer.

As you see from the pictures, this kitchen was very outdated and did not match the modern appliances. Our designer worked carefully to bring forth the perfect affordable kitchen redesign solution. 

The solution was a modern theme for the kitchen redesign. This new design theme not only matched the newer appliances, but it also brought the rest of the kitchen up to date

Modern Theme


A modern theme is usually monochromatic. This means mostly using black, white, or grey tones and then adding accents of different colors and patterns. 

In this kitchen, the backsplash pattern was the focal element. In the righthand picture, you see that the only splash of color in the new kitchen is the flower bouquet. This creates a simple, clean design with a detailed focal point in the backsplash. 

The previous color of the wooden cabinets just didn’t match the modern theme design. By using white, we freshened up the room and created the perception of a bigger kitchen.

Here are the biggest benefits of using white for an affordable kitchen remodel:

  • It’s a universal shade. It can easily blend with any design theme. 
  • Reflects more natural light, creating a brighter atmosphere. 
  • Creates the perception of more space.
  • When staging a home for sale, using white attracts more home buyers because it’s a popular color choice.
  • It’s easier to paint over white than a darker color. That’s why primers are typically white. 
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Affordable Kitchen Redesign Process


Remodeling does not have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can achieve an affordable kitchen redesign by making simple changes. For example, you can make your cupboards look brand new by painting them and changing the handles, as well as other fixtures like the faucet. 

We started with this kitchen redesign by painting the kitchen cabinets in a brighter color that blended with the new design. After painting the cabinets, we removed and replaced the backsplash with a modern design texture.

We also updated the countertop with a new, wider model fitted with a new sink. Finally, we put the finishing touches on this kitchen with new cabinet handles. 

Now, this kitchen is totally up to date, brighter, and has a brand-new design theme. Plus, the new countertops double as a peninsula and breakfast nook for the kitchen. All in all, a big improvement.

Interior Painting & Bedroom Design

Kitchen Redesign Metro-Vancouver-interior-painting-services

Bedroom design is a little different from designing the rest of the home. More than any room, a bedroom reflects the one who lives there. For instance, a child’s bedroom often has brighter and more playful colors and designs than anywhere else in the home. 

A bedroom is a room that you can customize and make your own. Not only through wall color, but décor and your personal collections as well. The best way to choose a great design theme for your bedroom is to find one that reflects what you love. You can even spice things up with a different colored accent wall.

In the pictures, you can see that the previous colors were not suited to a child’s taste. So, our designer and clients decided on more whimsical colors instead. Our clients and designer chose blue and pink to add a bit of fun to the accent wall. 

Keeping with the common theme of the home, our designer and interior painters gave this room a brighter toned and vibrantly colored accent wall. Now, this bedroom has a personality of its own, and is a fun environment for our client’s child.

AZ Burnaby Painting Services


At AZ Painting, we take our client’s satisfaction as our number one priority. That’s why we offer the option of additional services from an interior designer. Different than our regular color consultation, our design expert is talented in themes, design details, and implementation of matching décor.  

This is just one of the many residential interior projects we’ve done for the Burnaby area. We’ve transformed homes all over the greater Vancouver area with our services in the last decade, yours can be the next!

Our interior painting team is ready to help you transform your house into your dream home! Here are some other services we offer for condos:

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