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Exterior Painting

A fresh exterior painting job can do wonders for your property. Above all, you’re refreshing the structure, making it look brand new. The outside of your building is the first thing people see. Why not make a statement with a flawless paint job?

Further, your property’s exterior endures more wear and tear than any other painted surface. They have to withstand extreme weather and UV rays, as well as the build-up of pollution. Eventually, this wear will need repair and upkeep of some kind. 

Exterior Commercial Or Residential Painting?

AZ Painting is a local, professional painting company serving Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam areas since 2011. Our team has a strong background in commercial, residential and multi-residential projects. And, we are also fully licensed and bonded.

With the right tools and products, every job is done well. This saves you precious time, stress and money in the end. Our goal is to walk the extra mile for our clients. Just read this review, for an example!

AZ Painting deserves more than 5 stars for amazing professional, high quality service and workmanship. Amir painted the exterior of our commercial auto body shop and they went “above and beyond” in terms of assisting us with minor repairs as well as meticulous attention to all details.”

Pre-Work Inspection

Before we begin your painting project, we always offer to inspect the site first. Doing a thorough tour will point out any issues before and after painting. This helps us see if the site needs to be washed or repaired beforehand, which will save your valued time and money. After, we will make the needed repairs and begin painting your home or business.

Color Selection

Are you unsure of what colors to choose for your painting project? AZ Painting is happy to help you choose the best exterior painting color. We will help you choose a color that suits your style and/or business, so that you are 100% pleased with the result.

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