Municipal Painting

Municipal Painting

At AZ Painting, we take pride in our community and love doing our part in keeping it looking well-maintained. We’re passionate about ensuring the pristine condition of municipal buildings across Vancouver so our city can continue to leave lasting impressions on its residents, guests, and tourists.

Because municipal properties are high-traffic, high-visibility buildings located in city centers, their curb appeal is of utmost importance. A constant flow of people takes its toll on a building’s interior while the inevitable effects of seasonal weather conditions affect its exterior.

Interior Municipal Painting

Damage due to a high volume of traffic from employees and visitors is unavoidable. Nicks, scratches, scuffs and stains that don’t get addressed can affect a municipal building’s reputation, as well as the community in which it lives. A fresh coat of paint will boost employees’ and visitors’ certainty in the services and solutions the property offers.

We paint:

  • Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Public-use areas
  • Entryways & foyers
  • Individual office spaces
  • Walls & Ceilings

Exterior Municipal Painting

Make a positive impression and instill trust in passers-by with a freshly-painted, well-maintained facade. Refreshing the paint job not only reinforces your clients’ confidence in your qualifications but also boosts your credibility as a city-owned establishment. Clean and tidy spaces also boost employee productivity while making them feel comfortable and at ease.

While municipal buildings present a unique set of challenges, our dedicated team is extensively trained in complying with strict municipal regulations and practices. Because each municipal building is different, our team will first perform a thorough assessment of the property before designing a personalized action plan that caters to its short and long-term needs.

Why Choose AZ Painting?


Our team is fully qualified, licensed, insured and bonded for your confidence and peace of mind. Our 30+ years of industry experience has allowed us to learn the most optimal solutions for a wide variety of challenges in projects both big and small.


Given the nature of our industry, our commitment to adding value to our clients’ projects extends to doing our job as responsibly as we can. For this reason, we utilize the highest quality painting tools and materials that are non-toxic and safe for employees, visitors and the planet.


The materials we use help us maximize our skills and do our job to the highest degree, without compromising on quality. We work tirelessly to deliver on our promises as a reputable company and only use equipment that does the same, guaranteeing a job well done.