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Blog Tips

Welcome to the AZ Painting Blog Articles section! Our goal is to provide you with valuable information and helpful tips for your painting or concrete floor coating projects. We have a variety of blog articles and tips for painting your Vancouver commercial or residential property. However, there are many other aspects involved in a project that can help make the right choices. 

Project Budget

Having a budget in mind requires a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope, goals, and requirements. The budget should include all the expenses associated with the project, such as labor costs, materials, equipment, and overhead expenses. It should also be taken note that the quality of the project depends on the budget in mind. 

Timing Of Your Project

It is also important to consider the timing of your painting or flooring project. Painting during the right season can help ensure that the paint dries properly and lasts longer.  Additionally, you may check the weather forecast to make sure that there are no expected rain or snow storms during your exterior project. It’s also good to keep your interior painting projects during the winter season VS the busy season. 

Surface Requirements and Correct Application to Surface

Through 12 years in business, we have come across many occasions where either the application to the surface was wrong or the prep work was performed poorly. When it comes to surface requirements and correct application to surface, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. the correct application technique is essential to ensure that the product adheres properly to the surface and provides the desired level of protection or finish.


Painting and concrete floor coating projects can be daunting, but with the right plan in place, you can achieve a successful project. Remember to choose the right colors and finish, consider the timing of your project, and surface requirements, and choose the right type of coating for your specific needs. 

Don’t forget to check out our other blog articles for more helpful tips and information!
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3 Comprehensive Guide To Stain Products | AZ Painting Ltd.

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3 Caulking Products To Transform Your Home Energy Efficiency

Transform Your Home’s Energy 3 Caulking Products To Consider How to Select the Right Caulking products To help you choose the right caulking products for your home’s project, we have put together this article to provide you with a better understanding when choosing the right caulking product that is available in the market.  What to

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Best Polyaspartic coating

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