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Vancouver Commercial Painters

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Hair Salon Renovation

commercial interior painting

The best part about hiring commercial painting services is being able to lay your business’s appearance in the hands of skilled experts. After all, a business property’s appearance is almost as important as the quality of its products or services.

Soody’s Hair Studio contacted AZ’s expert team of Vancouver Commercial Painters in need of our commercial interior painting services. For this hair salon renovation, our team made intensive preparations and worked with extreme detail. 

The results of this downtown Vancouver hair salon renovation? A spacious and trendy studio aesthetic that the stylists, and more importantly, the clients absolutely love! Keep reading to see the entire hair salon renovation process!

Commercial Interior Painting Project

Vancouver Commercial painters

For each of AZ’s projects, preparation is vital to the management of the team, the project deadline, and the tasks at hand. This is important, not only to our clients but also for our team to stay on track and work as efficiently as possible.

Before we started off this hair salon renovation project, we first removed and covered all the salon furniture in preparation for our commercial painting services. This ensured that everything would be safe from any drips that could happen while we painted the ceilings.

Next, removed the artificial ceilings to reveal the true industrial roof. This was to be the first part of the painting part of the project but not before making certain preparations.

Preparation for Interior Painting:

Generally, preparation involves making sure the surfaces are in good shape. This usually includes making any necessary wall repairs, such as drywall patching or caulking, followed by detailed sanding to ensure the pain lays smoothly. 

Since the artificial ceilings were gone, there was a lot of unseen damage to the drywall that had been previously hidden. We had to make sure that the full height of the wall was in perfect shape. So, we patched the drywall, going right up to the roof, and then sanding it down, as per our regular prep protocol. 

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Commercial Interior Painting Process


Following our methodical preparation process, our commercial painting team began the process of painting the ceilings to match the salons theme. 

As you can see from the pictures above, our commercial painters changed the ceiling’s previous white, to a more suitable black color. Usually, black is not the most ideal color for interior painting, but this project was an exception. 

By removing the salon’s current ceilings, we exposed the higher industrial metal ceilings, which gave the salon more space. However, the white ceilings reflected the studio lighting in a very unflattering way.

The new black color reflected less light from the studio lighting, which had a beneficial effect. Now, instead of being reflected off the white roof, the salon’s studio lighting was concentrated downward.

Safety Concerns

Because we were working with high industrial ceilings, this project needed specialized knowledge and training to be able to work at that height. Luckily, working with AZ Painting in Vancouver, means that all of our clients can rest assured that our whole team is trained and certified in necessary skills and in all of the WorkSafe BC regulations.

Painting The Salon:

Next, our team of commercial painters started on the walls carefully color-matching them to the salon’s logo colors. We refreshed the walls with high-quality commercial interior paint, design for color pigmentation and longevity. 

We also carefully painted around the new pot lighting on the walls, blending it to the theme. Then, we finished up this hair salon renovation by replacing all of the salon’s equipment, exactly the way our interior painting team found it. 

In the end, the new ceiling color, paired with the salon’s studio lighting, makes a great contrast to the refreshed orange shade of the salon’s walls. Instead of looking washed out, which happens with fluorescent lighting, the wall color is now vibrant and true to the color swatch. 

Hair Salon Renovation Results


Thanks to our commercial interior painting services, Soody’s Hair Studio now has a completely new space that matches their brand colors and feels inviting for the stylists and clients. 

As we said, by removing the artificial ceilings and painting the industrial ceilings black, the salon’s studio lighting is directed down to the mirrors instead of being reflected off the white ceilings. Plus, the ceilings being higher creates more space. 

This hair salon transformation turned this bland salon into the studio that the stylists and their clients deserve. Above everything else, this hair salon renovation created a fresh new space for the stylists and clients to inspire beautiful change, which is what salons are all about!

Vancouver Commercial Painters


Our clients choose AZ’s commercial interior painting experts because we always guarantee satisfaction while taking all of your needs seriously. We pride ourselves on prioritizing our clients, in order to provide the best commercial painting services. 

Commercial interior painting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services we offer. 

The AZ painting team is also highly skilled in:

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