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Commercial Waterproofing Project

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Commercial Waterproofing


This commercial waterproofing project required stucco repair in addition to waterproof coating seal out the elements and reduce cracks on the exterior walls.
Waterproofing masonry surfaces has benefits beyond just keeping moisture out. It also plays a part in the buildings long term appearance and structure.
Keep reading to discover how this waterproof coating project continues to maintain the integrity of the building to this day!
Date : 2015
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Commercial Waterproofing Benefits


Waterproof coating products are made to be highly flexible and durable, providing strong protection even while the building shifts and moves through time and weather changes.
The key benefits to waterproofing are are :-


  • Allows all moisture to evaporate outside, shielding the entire surface from the weather.
  • Maximum protection for masonry and concrete from water penetration and humidity.

Since waterproofing does not penetrate far into the surface, it needs to be carefully prepared first by filling any cracks or holes. That’s why we always take extra care to prepare all projects, just like this one. Before waterproofing the stucco, we had to patch all of the cracks to make sure the building had a safe barrier for the waterproof coating to work correctly.

Commercial Waterproofing Results


After our full waterproofing process, this building will have a clean and professional look in addition to weather resistance for years to come.

“Our building needed a refresh, so I searched for some local commercial waterproofing companies. Glad I found AZ Painting, they were very thorough and detail oriented.

They finished the job quickly with a level of quality that made it well worth it to hire professionals. I’m confident that our building’s exterior will remain in excellent shape for years to come.”

– Tom in Burnaby.

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