Waterproofing On Masonry Wall

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The brick and stucco surfaces of this commercial property were heavily damaged by time and weather. Before we applied the waterproofing coating, we meticulously fixed and prepared the surfaces.

Services Provided: Waterproofing, Commercial Property

— Preparing The Surfaces For Waterproofing

The exterior brick and stucco walls of this commercial property were in bad shape. The mortar around the bricks was disintegrating, the stucco had long cracks and some of the metal siding was rusted. To ensure a successful waterproofing, we first dealt with these issues by repairing the mortar, filling the cracks in the stucco and removing some of the metal siding for cleaning and adjustments before replacing it.

— The Results Of Our Work

The waterproofed building with its new colour scheme looks fresh and clean and inviting. The waterproofing coating ensures that the stucco and brick walls are well protected from moisture. We applied 6ml of dry coating, which protects the surface yet allows for movement, finding off future cracks.

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