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This project highlights our commitment to workmanship and job site safety. We made sure our clients were informed of BC safety regulations, followed all regulations, and provided an excellent painting job within time and budget.

Services Provided: Exterior stucco waterproofing coating, exterior residential painting

— Safety First

Being safe on the job site is our number one priority and our in-house crew did an outstanding job at staying safe while still completing the project on time and within budget. We made sure our client was aware of the safety concerns before we started work and discussed our commitment to safety, including our safety licencing and British Columbia’s safety regulations. Legally, the house owner could be held responsible if a contractor fell while working on their house. 

The house is three stories and 32 ft high at one end. Decks, covered by glass awnings, span the width of  2nd floor, making the painting of the 3rd floor extremely precarious. 

Key factors to keep in mind when hiring a contractor for challenging projects from a safety perspective:

  • The company’s policy on safety
  • Insurance and liabilities
  • Letter of clearance from work safe BC
  • Proper training and equipment required to perform the project 
  • Review your contract with your chosen painting company 

—The Results

We also provided colour coordination advice, resulting in a clean, crisp look that suits the style of the house and offsets the gardens nicely. Our client’s investment towards their home maintenance is secured for the following 20+ years.  


“For exterior painting of our house, we received estimates from few painting companies through HomeStar and we found the quote from AZ Painting a competitive one and matching our budget. Amir and his team were both professional and responsive to our needs. They also helped us in deciding which paint would suit our house best. We had them paint the exterior and some interior areas of the house and it turned out great. The painters were prompt, professional and detail-oriented and performed as per terms and conditions of the contract. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality and affordable paint job.”

— A happy customer


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