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Waterproofing Stucco Project

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Waterproofing Project Stucco
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For this residential waterproofing project, we sealed the stucco and updated the exterior color of the home and garage.

Our client had recently renovated his home; the windows were replaced and the stucco was meticulously patched.
We waterproofed the stucco, making sure that the the patch job would blend into the rest. Additionally, we painted the concrete and wooden stairs with our favorite long lasting product.
Services Provided :

  • Stucco Waterproofing
  • Exterior Painting
Waterproofing Project Process
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In a recent renovation, the windows of this house were replaced and the stucco was patched. Our client requested that we fix the appearance of the patching job so it blended in with the rest. After a proper wash, we waterproofed the stucco, paying particular attention to blending the patched parts into the rest of the surface. As a result the patched areas are not at all noticeable. You would never know it had been patched! Caulking further ensured that the house was properly sealed against weather.
This is not a large house, so we applied a colour combination that would make the building appear bigger: a light airy colour with off-white trims and dark black railings. The light grey colour we applied on the staircase nicely offsets the colour of the house. We used an industrial strength coat of a Sherwin-William product for performance and durability in this high traffic area.
The Results
Waterproofing stucco on a house in Vancouver

With the new windows and the exterior waterproofing paint in a light, ethereal tone, this little house is not only well protected against the elements, it has been given a cheerful, new look that even brightens its surroundings.

“AZ Painting recently painted the exterior of our house and garage, and did an amazing job. Amir and his team explained the process and helped us select the correct types of paint for our job, helped with some minor repairs along the way, and completed the job on time. Amir was very personable and easy to work with, and we were able to make adjustments to the scope as the job progressed. I would definitely recommend AZ Painting!”

– Aaron Flint.

At AZ Painting we love what we do and we can help you transform your vision into reality. Our highest priority is taking care of our customers and making sure they are satisfied with the work.

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