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Staining and painting floating staircase

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Staining and painting floating staircase

We know the considerable need for staining, painting, and refinishing a staircase as residential and commercial painting in Vancouver providers. That’s why it is included in our service. One of the most updated parts of a business or home is the staircase.

The stairs are the first thing people notice and are the first thing that wears out. In turn, it causes inconsistency leaving the treads looking bad. If you have stained stairs, the problem is obvious, and you notice worn-out patches in the center where the most traffic happens.

As if that is not bad enough, the nosing, risers, pickets, and stringers bang on the damaged parts. For this reason, AZ Painting was contracted by a client to do some painting and staining on a floating staircase. Our skilled in-house crew installed the treads and landings as well.

They also used an anti-rust coating followed by two coats of paint on the beams. Finally, our crew stained the treads and landings, all done safely. The results were excellent, and our client was thrilled with it.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the easiest and affordable projects is to have the staircase painted to revive it. Are you considering painting or staining the stairs? There are some variables to consider in painting the stairs. First, you got to think of the stairs conditions like the steps and the handrail.

Then you need to consider if maintenance work needs to be done. Next, you need to think about the paint or stain color you would like to use. Lastly, you need to think about the service as it can affect your costs. For example, if you plan to paint the stairs only, it’s a simple paint job costing less than removing varnish and staining to match the color.

Then you wonder if it is worth hiring a professional painting company in Burnaby to have the job done. The answer is yes, as it saves you loads of time, headaches, and money in the end. You also get a guarantee provided once the project is done.

So as you can see, the average costs of staircase painting and staining depend on what you plan to do to replenish the stairs. Hence, instead of spending a fortune, have a professional painter in Vancouver handle it for you.

What Can Affect the Price?

When requesting a quote from AZ Painters, some things can affect the overall costs of painting and staining a floating staircase.

  •   Getting too hard to reach places such as strange corners needing special machinery.
  •   The time fraction as to how fast you want the job done. Maybe you’re in a rush, but the company you use has a busy week ahead. In that case, you might need to pay a bit more for those extra hours worked.
  •   If you have a flexible schedule having the job done at the end of winter or summer could cost less with the low season prices available.
  •   Another consideration is the size of the job, as the more work you provide the painter, the lower the per-unit cost. But, again, the reason is that some material is cheaper when bought in volume, and moving it around cost less as more time is spent at the job.
  •   The effect of cost also comes down to the number of colors you want to use. The more colors you choose, the more it costs.
  •   Using different types of paint can also increase your price, especially if you want to use something specific.
  •   Another concern is how much preparation is involved, from removing plants, isolating areas to prevent painting undesired areas, and more. So while we do not move items out of the way, we can provide you with the service adding to the costs. But we will help move big furniture for you.
  •   Lastly, the height also plays a role as we need to provide scaffolding, increasing the price. The reason is that it takes time to assemble and disassemble the structure.

Are You Ready for Some Staircase Refinishing?

If you are, here is what you can do! Start by getting your free quote for your commercial or residential painting in Vancouver project today. Then, contact us by email or phone, and we will respond with lightning speed. Our staircase experts will show up on time to evaluate the needs. You will receive a detailed estimate on the spot or after that.

Once you accept the quote, the preparation starts to book your job with an ideal starting date with the approximate time of how long it will take. Next, we will work with you to confirm your paint or stain colors and select your preferred payment method.

On the first day of the project, we will go over the details and colors while addressing any concerns you might have. As the work can last for several days, we will provide you with regular updates on what is going on. We will also let you know when you can start using the stairs or need to stay off them.

Once completely done with the job, we do a quality check with you. Once you’re 100% satisfied, we are confident that your staircase painting/staining or staircase refinishing is complete. We even provide you with a warranty on the interior service.