Residential Waterproofing Stucco and Hardie Board Siding

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Date: April / May 2019
Services Provided: Exterior stucco waterproofing, exterior painting of hardie board siding

This project highlights our dedication to safety, and our ability to handle heights and use large equipment when necessary. Our talent for design and colour coordination was also highlighted in this project; the surfaces and trims compliment and contrast perfectly to highlight the detail and structure of the building.

What We Did

Stucco and hardie board siding both provide a long-lasting, solid security from all sorts of weather and extreme events such as fire. They do require some maintenance however. On this residential home in Burnaby we waterproofed the stucco with a product that is effective at keeping moisture out while allowing movement and therefore inhibiting cracks. Hardie Board, also called cement board siding is durable and fire resistant, but needs occasional painting. 

Because of the height and configuration of the building, we brought in specialized equipment where ladders could not reach. For AZ Painting, the safety of our crew is a top priority. 

The stuccoed surface is large, and took about 12 pails of waterproofing paint. We used a paint with high colour retention that provides limited 15 years warranty for the fascia boards and trims. This was a crucial factor as the north face of the house would get sun from morning to fall.

The painting of the window trims and the fascia was coloured matched to the gutters and soffits of the house. It was crucial to have a proper colour match to ensure that everything looks uniform. We suggested a colour combination to highlight the beautiful architectural details of the building.

House before waterproofing

The Results

Our client now has a building that will be protected from the elements for about 25+ years. The colour combination is stunning; the creamy yellow accent of the trims on the dark brown siding accentuates the structure of the  building and makes it stand out. 

“Very professional, knowledgeable with paint selection and meticulous with trim colouring. My entire exterior was painted and my place looks brand new again. BBB and having Insurance was important to me. Working out some repair items with Amir but workmanship was impressive enough that we have Amir and his team lined up to paint my mother’s house also. Thank you.”

—Yuben Soo

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