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Masonry Waterproofing Project

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Waterproofing Project


This commercial waterproofing project required initial repair before laying the waterproof coating. Read on to see the whole project process!
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The brick and stucco walls of this commercial property were heavily damaged by continuous aging and weather. Before starting the commercial waterproofing process, we first had to fix and prepare the walls.

During The Waterproofing Project


The exterior walls of this commercial property were in bad shape. The mortar around the bricks was eroding, the stucco had cracks, and some of the siding was rusted. To ensure a successful commercial waterproofing project, we fixed these issues by repairing the mortar first. This meant filling the cracks in the stucco, and removing some of the siding for cleaning and repair before replacing it. Secondly, applied a heavy coating, which protects the surface yet allows for movement, totally preventing future cracks.

Waterproofing Project Results


Above all, this waterproofing project resulted in strong walls and a brand new color that looks fresh and generally more inviting. Further, the coating ensures outside walls are entirely protected from moisture.

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