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Masonry Waterproofing Project

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Commercial masonry waterproofing Project

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This commercial masonry waterproofing project required initial repair before laying the waterproof coating. Read on to see the whole project process!
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Exterior Commercial Painting


Commercial property's brick and stucco walls damaged from aging

The brick and stucco walls of this commercial property have suffered from years of wear and tear due to the effects of weather and aging. The once-smooth and sturdy walls were now cracked and discolored, making the building look unkempt and uninviting to customers and clients. Before starting the commercial masonry waterproofing process, it was necessary to address the condition of the walls.

The first step was to assess the extent of the damage and determine what repairs needed to be made. Some areas required patches of new brick and stucco to be applied, while others needed structural reinforcement to ensure stability. The old and crumbling mortar was carefully removed and replaced with a new and stronger mixture to prevent further damage from water infiltration. The walls were then cleaned and primed to ensure proper adhesion of the masonry waterproofing materials.


Revive Your Commercial Property with Professional Masonry Waterproofing Services

Commercial properties need to maintain a professional appearance to attract and retain customers. However, years of exposure to harsh weather and aging can cause damage to the brick and stucco walls, making them appear unkempt and uninviting. That’s where professional masonry waterproofing services come in to save the day.

Assessing the Condition of the Walls

Before beginning the commercial masonry waterproofing process, a thorough assessment of the condition of the walls is necessary. This involves identifying the extent of the damage and determining the necessary repairs needed. The assessment may reveal areas where patches of new brick and stucco are required, or areas that need structural reinforcement to ensure stability.

Replacing Old Mortar

One of the crucial steps in the masonry waterproofing process is replacing old and crumbling mortar. This step is necessary to prevent further damage from water infiltration, which can cause more extensive damage in the future. A new and stronger mixture is carefully applied to replace the old mortar, ensuring that the walls remain stable and durable.

Cleaning and Priming Walls

After the repairs and replacements are completed, the walls need to be cleaned and primed to ensure proper adhesion of the masonry waterproofing materials. This ensures that the walls are protected from further damage caused by water infiltration, prolonging their lifespan and enhancing their appearance.

Professional masonry waterproofing services can significantly improve the appearance and durability of your commercial property. Not only will it enhance your property’s curb appeal, but it will also save you money in the long run by preventing further damage from water infiltration. Contact us at [company name] to get started with our expert masonry waterproofing services today.

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Commercial Waterproofing Stucco Project


Once the preparation was complete, the commercial waterproofing process could begin. A heavy-duty Elastomeric waterproofing coating was applied to the walls to prevent water from seeping through the cracks and into the interior of the building. A second layer of protection was added in the form of a water-resistant coating, which further enhanced the building’s defense against water damage.

Waterproofing Project Results


Thanks to the thorough preparation and skilled application of the waterproofing materials, the walls of this commercial property were restored to their former strength and beauty. The building now looks sleek and well-maintained, enhancing its appeal to customers and clients and providing peace of mind to the owner and building occupants.

Waterproofing Services


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