Interior Commercial Painting — Cosentino Showroom

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We were hired by Lora Construction for commercial painting services. This was for the interior Cosentino Showroom. 

Client: Lora Construction
Date: 2018
Services Provided: 

  • Interior Commercial Painting
  • Baseboard installation

 Interior Commercial Painting Project

We provided complete commercial painting for the interior and installed new baseboards. As a large project, timing was vital. But, we finished on time and with ease. The whole process was seamless and the results were gorgeous.

The Results

The modern style is a perfect fit for the Cosentino brand. Lora was very happy with this commercial painting project! They were so happy, they left us this review:

“Now, here’s a contractor that lives up to what they say. Amir and his team were absolutely awesome. These guys were professional and prompt. He was quick to provide us with a commercial painting quote and detailed contract. Stunning work, flawless and clean. We will be using them in future projects.”

– Diego Lora
Lora Construction Corp.

Does your Office Need Commercial Painting?

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