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Exterior Commercial Painting


We love enhancing and modernizing our local community. Keep reading to see what out exterior painters for the did for our client in Burnaby.
Client : Grace Lutheran Church and Bee House Montessori Daycare
Date : 2019
Services Provided :

This Project Required Special Attention


The church’s exterior was in poor condition, especially the trim. For AZ’s Exterior Painters, preparation is key . So, our exterior painters prepared by scraping and sanding the walls.
The exterior stucco of the building was initially in different states of repair. The stucco on had a lot of cracks and damage. Meanwhile, the acrylic coating was faded.

After notifying our client, the decision was made to apply a thicker product to the cracked stucco. This would not only waterproof the stucco, but also fill the cracks. Finally, out exterior painters finished with two coats of paint.

The Results

Our clients were pleased with this exterior commercial painting project. Now, the daycare and church look renewed. Even more, the whole building won’t need painting for the next 20 years! The chosen products have a 15-year limited warranty. Also, our provided services come with a 5-year warranty. This ensures our client’s investment is will last for a long time. Now, only minor maintenance will be required. With regular pressure washing, the paint will remain intact. “AZ Painting recently painted the exterior of our church and education buildings. The quality of the work was excellent. And, the price was very reasonable. Amir spent a lot of time on site reviewing the existing conditions. He also advised us on the best methods. Above all, AZ’s thoroughness is remarkable.” – B.Roy, Grace Lutheran Church.

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