Commercial Interior Painting: Better Business Bureau

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AZ was contacted by the local BBB to help transform their office. We provided them with complete commercial interior painting services!

Read on to see our interior painting process for the BBB!

Client: Better Business Bureau
Services Provided: 

  • Drywall Repair
  • Commercial Interior Painting 

Interior Painting Process:

Commercial Painting Prep:

Overall, this was a time sensitive commercial interior painting project. The vital work of the BBB office had to go on as usual. 

First, the interior painting process started of with a color consultation with the client and our experts. Secondly, we had to repaired and repatched the walls..

Interior Painting:

We had a brand color scheme to follow, while updating the office’s look. We moved through each room, painting each to fit the brand and give the office new life.

The Results

After the interior painting process, the BBB staff were ecstatic to have a fresh workspace. We finished the project on time and within budget. Above all, our client was happy!

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