Pressure Washing

Has your home been looking a little dull lately? Is your exterior paint starting to grow moss or turn color? This is a clear sign that your home is in desperate need of a good pressure washing.

Keep reading to learn all the ways AZ’s top rated services will benefit your Vancouver area home!

Is A Pressure Wash Right for Your Home?

Many homeowners overlook the need for pressure washing services because they normally think it’s not important or it’s too expensive. The truth is that pressure washing is an affordable cleaning solution that should be a part of every home maintenance routine.

It’s also ideal in restoring things to their original state. For example, a deck that needs some prep before being re-painted or simply needs a refresh will find new life after being pressure washed.

Climate also has a lot to do with the severity of buildup your home can collect. Vancouver’s rainy weather year-round can very quickly take its toll on your deck and home’s exterior.

This is why pressure washing in Vancouver particularly is important. The water can seep into surfaces that aren’t waterproofed, causing wood rot or mold, and the white surfaces can lose their brightness due to daily exposure.

7 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure washing is an essential step in our exterior services, but even on its own, pressure washing can vastly improve the appearance of your home’s exterior walls, your patio, and other outdoor features too.

Here are some more reasons why you should think about pressure washing your home.

1.  A Proper Deep Cleaning:

Your home is constantly forced to endure some of nature’s harshest elements. Rain, wind, sun, ice, and ultraviolet rays all play their part in damaging and discoloring your home. Insects, birds, and other wildlife that enter your property contribute to gunk buildup, while air pollutants like car exhaust and smoke from last summer’s barbecues result in the sticky film and color change.

2.  Saving You Money

Your home is your biggest asset. When part of a regular maintenance routine, pressure washing saves you money by protecting your investment from damage and costly repairs. In the end, it can keep a new home looking its best for years to come and restore an older home to its former glory.

3.  Eliminating the Need to Repaint

Having your home pressure washed is very affordable, especially compared to the finances and hassle associated with painting. This deep cleaning revives color and washes away dirt and grime. Even if you do end up having to paint your home, it’s a critical first step in prepping surfaces for a quality, high-performance paint job.

4.  Preventing Further Damage

Dirt and grime can very quickly build up along your home’s exterior, sometimes leaving permanent stains. Your surfaces are even susceptible to being eaten away by mold. If this accumulation of gunk isn’t addressed by professionals, it will cost you more in the long run.

pressure washing

5.  Environmentally Friendly

By choosing to pressure wash, you are not only being mindful of your family’s health but also the health of the planet. Our soap solutions are tough on grime while being gentle on the health of children, pets, plants, and wildlife.

6.  Securing Your Family’s Health

Built-up dirt and fungus growth aren’t just unsightly to look at, they’re also harmful to your family, children, and pets. Mold and mildew growing on your home can be a year-round allergy trigger to your loved ones. Our cleaning solution destroys fungi, algae, and allergens and also slows down their return.

7.  Increasing Your Home’s Value

A faded and discolored exterior will not look good to prospective buyers. If you’re selling your home, pressure washing is a great way to boost property value by taking years off an older house. When damage is already excessive, pressure washing is a fundamental part of preparing the surface for repainting before you sell.

 AZ’s Reliable Pressure Washing Services:

When you hire AZ’s services, you’re guaranteed to have a much better-looking home that stands stronger to the harsh elements of mother nature. We provide the greater Vancouver area with pristine pressure wash services including:

  • Decks & Patios
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Much more!

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