AZ Coquitlam Painters

AZ Painting LTD. Painting Coquitlam Park AZ’s Coquitlam Painters are always proud to serve our community, especially when it involves improving its appearance. When the general contractor called us for this local community project, we were ready to take on a key role!  Our  Coquitlam painting team was tasked to provide the finishing touches to […]

Commercial Waterproofing Project

Elastomeric coating AZ Painting Commercial Waterproofing This commercial waterproofing project required stucco repair in addition to waterproof coating seal out the elements and reduce cracks on the exterior walls.Waterproofing masonry surfaces has benefits beyond just keeping moisture out. It also plays a part in the buildings long term appearance and structure.Keep reading to discover how […]

Masonry Waterproofing Project

AZ Painting LTD. Waterproofing Project Request service This commercial waterproofing project required initial repair before laying the waterproof coating. Read on to see the whole project process!Services Provided : Exterior Masonry Wall Repair Commercial Waterproofing The brick and stucco walls of this commercial property were heavily damaged by continuous aging and weather. Before starting the […]

Exterior Commercial Painting Project

AZ Painting LTD. Exterior Commercial Painting We love enhancing and modernizing our local community. Keep reading to see what out exterior painters for the did for our client in Burnaby.Client : Grace Lutheran Church and Bee House Montessori DaycareDate : 2019Services Provided : Exterior Commercial Painting. Waterproofing. Acrylic paint coating. This Project Required Special Attention […]

Exterior Commercial Painting

AZ Painting LTD. Exterior Commercial Painting Projects​ Our Latest Commercial Projects One of our main core values is honesty and transparency. We strive to be honest in the high standards of our work, to our straightforward explanations to your questions, and in how we treat our clients and staff with respect. Exterior Commercial Painting – […]