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Protecting concrete foundations, brick and stucco walls.


Elastomeric paint products are great to apply on concrete foundations, bricks and or stucco walls to keep your house interior and basement dry. Elastomeric coating allows moisture and air to be released from the wall but does not allow it in. This technology also has the ability to move with the structure of your building.

Waterproofing coating can be an expensive investment. However, if done correctly this method can save property owners heavy costs.

Stucco and Concrete Wall Damage

Crack lines or other defects in your stucco or concrete wall are the result of movements as the building structure settles, causing some damage to the structure.

High Build Coating is an elastomeric coating which provides excellent flexibility, durability, and weather resistance. This product will protect against wind-driven rain when used on tilt-up, precast, or poured-in-place concrete, CMU, and stucco. This may be applied to a surface with a pH of 6 to 12. Coverage will vary with the substrate and the texture. A minimum total dry film thickness of 12 – 15 mm of topcoat (excluding texture) and a surface with 10 or less pinholes per square foot is required for a waterproofing system.

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