Solid Color – Semi-Transparent – Natural Transparent Staining

Protective Wood Stainstain coating to wooden surfaces

Natural Transparent Staining is a protective method to ensure that oak, fir or other wood has a beautiful glaze.

Currently there are three types of stains available.

  • Alkyd
  • Polyurethane
  • Waterborne stains

Polyurethane is usually the most popular choice, but it may not always be the best choice. Many complain from the odor left after it dries.

Truthfully, all of them exhibit odor upon drying. Keep reading to learn what natural stain is the best for the wood in your home. 


natural transparent staining
transparent staining

Semi-transparent Stains

Enhance the look of stained wood with a semi-transparent colour. This option can be used to highlight focal point structures of the property with beautiful colours.

For exterior structures, it’s best to use the polyurethane or alkyd base wood stains for protection from weather elements.

Solid Color Stain

Solid colour wood stains are opaque colours that can be applied on top of previously natural or semi-transparent stained wood.


Polyurethane and alkyd finish bases are an outstanding choice because the colour tends to last longer.


Natural Transparent Staining 

A natural transparent stain finish is great for maintenance work — applying an additional coat every few years. This will ensure that the surface has adequate coating to protect the surface in all weather.

We can also apply this product on bare wood as it will enhance the natural look of the wood.