Rely on Fresh Exterior Paint to Help Sell Your Vancouver Home in 2020

Selling a house in Vancouver is a challenging task, especially with 2020’s initial real estate conditions. To improve your chances of a fast and profitable sale, give the property your full attention and carefully prepare it for the real estate market. 

Not sure how? Keep reading. This article is full of useful information AZ Painting has gathered from realtors and homeowners in our many years as top residential painters in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Sever Emotional Ties

Homeowners often develop an emotional tie to the property they call home. It’s no wonder; homes are full of memories, milestones, and creature comforts. But, if you’re going to sell a house, you need to break any lingering attachment you may have with the property. Selling a home is a lengthy process that is full of highs, lows, and work. 

Make the process easy and reduce the stress of the sale process by letting go of the property as being “your home.” The house has finished serving you and your family’s needs. Embrace that it’s time to allow new homeowners to create a new relationship with the house.

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Start with a Fresh Palette

Now that you’re ready to move away from the property, it’s time to give it a fresh start and create a stunning product to draw in qualified buyers! Market the house with the buyer’s needs in mind. Do this by removing your personalized charm and pack away family photos, hobby displays, or any other accent that defines the space as yours.

Consider having exterior surfaces renewed with professional painting services. Fresh exterior paint will help to remove stains and mildew, and also create a clean slate. An updated colour palette will enable potential home buyers to more easily envision the property your selling as their home.

Make the Details Matter

Potential buyers will assess the house you’re selling with great detail. It’s wise for the seller to scrutinize all details and maintenance issues of the home before potential buyers. Do this by reviewing the property thoroughly and make a list of problems that need attention. Then, make a plan to resolve any concerns that may have been found.

If repairing a particular issue is too costly or time-consuming, it’s okay to leave it, but make sure to let your realtor know. Potential buyers appreciate when a house seller is forthcoming much more than when unresolved maintenance issues are glossed over or undisclosed. For tasks you can complete, make sure to inform potential buyers as well! It’s is an easy way to impress upon homebuyers that the property has a reliable and robust maintenance history.

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Rely on Professionals

It may be tempting to tackle exterior maintenance tasks yourself, such as house painting or minor roof repairs, but don’t take on more than your skills allow. When done poorly, DIY home renovations can have worse results than if they hadn’t been attempted at all. Especially when taking on large exterior projects, which may also lead to a reduction in property value.

Having to lower your sale price because of a less-than-professional-looking renovation is disheartening and frustrating. Save your time, money, and your sanity by bringing in qualified tradespeople. Trained and experienced professionals with excellent client reviews are your best bet when deciding how to complete a property’s renovation needs.

Let Quality Lead

Vancouver, BC home sellers in 2020 may not have an easy time closing a sale if presenting a home with poor curb appeal. Increase your chance of sealing a successful deal by relying on the services and advice of local industry insiders, ones who are committed to providing quality results.

If exterior residential painting services are part of your plan to sell a property this year, consult with AZ Painting Vancouver. We have the right people, experience, and drive to help you create an irresistible real estate option for a qualified buyer.