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Accreditation to Honesty

One of our main core values is honesty. This role has a huge impact on how you treat your staff or your clients. Being accredited goes along way.

At AZ Painting we not only ensure our promises are delivered but we go beyond our customers expectation to ensure a great painting experience. In the painting industry it does not take long time to show failures on the painting job you’ve just received. We believe that a paint job should last at least 10 years or more. This goes a long way when performing the honest work.


Our business model is to work with our in-house crew on each project. This gives us the ability to ensure that every aspect of surface and project is under our ethical business rule.

We consult our clients on understanding the process.


Building trust in an industry that has given an bad eye to the painting companies is difficult. At AZ Painting we have built trust since 2011 and ensured that every client has received maximum life spam on their painting project. We ensured the work was done correctly and brought satisfaction our clients. Trusting an business on their integrity and honesty can be established on requesting previous client information and or jobsite.

Better Business Bureau painting project

We are proud as an accredited business to enhance the look and feel of the offices at Better Business Bureau (BBB) in lower mainland. This project involved on multiple phases.

Phase one painting project

The first phase of the project we were required to close an entrance wall to an separate office room and repair the drywall an section to connect a set of different office room together. From color consulting, dry walling, patching, skim coating and painting; We transformed the interior look of their customer relations offices. This also gave the staff an new feel to their work environment.

Phase Two painting project

Phase two was more challenging as we had an time limit to repaint the entire interior of their operations room. We scheduled to perform this project on a long weekend and managed to complete the project on promised date. As the owner and operator I too had to involve my self in the painting project and have my father lead the project. Working as an father and sun has brought us closer and ensured that we deliver our consistent quality of work and promises.  

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