Vancouver Caulking Services

Protecting your property from weather and pests.

Caulking Services

Caulking the joints of your window trim and door casings is a crucial step in making sure that your home, commercial property or low-rise building is protected from weather, insects or cold exterior air. A proper caulking job not only adds to the aesthetics of your home or commercial building but will also reduce air leakage, water damage and pest infiltration. AZ Painting is fully capable of handling any caulking task. We provide top-quality caulking services for a variety of homes and businesses in Vancouver, Burnaby and all over the lower mainland.

Our 30+ years of knowledge in using different materials allows us to apply our skills to a wide range of projects, ranging from residential homes to commercial and low rise properties. Our team is also fully trained and certified to operate boom and scissor lift equipment.

Residential Caulking Services

  • Window trims
  • Fascia Boards
  • Stucco Joints

Commercial Caulking Services

  • Concrete Slab Joints
  • Membrane
  • Window Trims, Fascia Boards

How Does Professional Caulking Benefit Homeowners
& Business Owners?

It Protects You From Water Damage

Caulking provides a watertight seal for any areas that have weakened and could potentially let water in. When joints, fixtures and windows are properly sealed, it stops water that could potentially flow out from faucets, bathtubs and showers from damaging its surroundings. This damage could cause deterioration as well as mold and fungus growth.

It Keeps Pests Away

Tiny cracks in windows and the interior and exterior of the home is an invitation to bugs, insects and dust. With acute attention to detail and a thorough assessment system, our team ensures an effective, airtight seal. This saves you from costly pest-control services and toxic pest-control products that are harmful not only to your family, pets and workers but also to the environment.

It’s Energy-Saving

Windows, doors and wall baseboards that have old, cracked or peeling caulking lead to uncomfortable drafts, poor temperature control and valuable air loss. Your property will lose its ability to retain hot temperatures during winter and cool temperatures during summer. In turn, this causes you to increase the use of your HVAC system and pay unnecessarily high energy bills. A professionally sealed home is energy-efficient, reliable and comfortable.

caulking services

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