Completed waterproofing project

Waterproofing Coating | Exterior Brick Wall

Importance of painting maintenance

This commercial project needed a tremendous amount of preparation before painting the exterior of the building. Weather was damaging the building, especially the mortar around the bricks. Certain sections of the stucco had long cracks and alligator lines. The metal siding had rusted in areas. Some panels required removal for adjustments, before we put them back into place.

Completed waterproofing project
After Waterproofing
Before waterproofing. Building from the street-side
Before Waterproofing

In-house crew preparation

The importance of preparation for a waterproofing coating is critical. The purpose of  waterproofing the brick and stucco walls is to ensure that no further damage will occur to these surfaces. The crew must be knowledgeable  about the materials and skilled enough to apply the right amount of material to the surface for the product to move with the building structure, for the success of this type of coating. This is important, as the product requirements must be followed for the product to truly perform up to its standards.