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Rely on Fresh Exterior Paint to Help Sell Your Vancouver Home in 2020

Selling a house in Vancouver is a challenging task, especially with 2020’s initial real estate conditions. To improve your chances of a fast and profitable sale, give the property your full attention and carefully prepare it for the real estate market. 

Not sure how? Keep reading. This article is full of useful information AZ Painting has gathered from realtors and homeowners in our many years as top residential painters in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Sever Emotional Ties

Homeowners often develop an emotional tie to the property they call home. It’s no wonder; homes are full of memories, milestones, and creature comforts. But, if you’re going to sell a house, you need to break any lingering attachment you may have with the property. Selling a home is a lengthy process that is full of highs, lows, and work. 

man packing boxes

Make the process easy and reduce the stress of the sale process by letting go of the property as being “your home.” The house has finished serving you and your family’s needs. Embrace that it’s time to allow new homeowners to create a new relationship with the house.

Start with a Fresh Palette

Now that you’re ready to move away from the property, it’s time to give it a fresh start and create a stunning product to draw in qualified buyers! Market the house with the buyer’s needs in mind. Do this by removing your personalized charm and pack away family photos, hobby displays, or any other accent that defines the space as yours. 

Consider having exterior surfaces renewed with professional painting services. Fresh exterior paint will help to remove stains and mildew, and also create a clean slate. An updated colour palette will enable potential home buyers to more easily envision the property your selling as their home.

Make the Details Matter

Potential buyers will assess the house you’re selling with great detail. It’s wise for the seller to scrutinize all details and maintenance issues of the home before potential buyers. Do this by reviewing the property thoroughly and make a list of problems that need attention. Then, make a plan to resolve any concerns that may have been found.

exterior dormers with cream coloured trim

If repairing a particular issue is too costly or time-consuming, it’s okay to leave it, but make sure to let your realtor know. Potential buyers appreciate when a house seller is forthcoming much more than when unresolved maintenance issues are glossed over or undisclosed. For tasks you can complete, make sure to inform potential buyers as well! It’s is an easy way to impress upon homebuyers that the property has a reliable and robust maintenance history.

Rely on Professionals

It may be tempting to tackle exterior maintenance tasks yourself, such as house painting or minor roof repairs, but don’t take on more than your skills allow. When done poorly, DIY home renovations can have worse results than if they hadn’t been attempted at all. Especially when taking on large exterior projects, which may also lead to a reduction in property value. 

Having to lower your sale price because of a less-than-professional-looking renovation is disheartening and frustrating. Save your time, money, and your sanity by bringing in qualified tradespeople. Trained and experienced professionals with excellent client reviews are your best bet when deciding how to complete a property’s renovation needs.

Let Quality Lead

Vancouver, BC home sellers in 2020 may not have an easy time closing a sale if presenting a home with poor curb appeal. Increase your chance of sealing a successful deal by relying on the services and advice of local industry insiders, ones who are committed to providing quality results. 

If exterior residential painting services are part of your plan to sell a property this year, consult with AZ Painting Vancouver. We have the right people, experience, and drive to help you create an irresistible real estate option for a qualified buyer. 

Exterior painting of a commercial property

4 Benefits of a Fresh Interior Paint Job for Your Vancouver Business

Business owners in the Greater Vancouver Area are keenly aware of the need to stay competitive, regardless of the business sector in which they belong. This winter, amp your company’s competitive edge with a fresh interior paint job from the expert team at AZ Painting Vancouver. Choose our professional painting services for an affordable, quality commercial painting experience that will add value and pride this winter to your business.

In this article, we share four of the benefits your business can enjoy from investing in quality painting services. We also include some of our top professional painting tips and give details on our exclusive, money-saving winter specials. For all these benefits and great information, keep on reading.

Interior Paint Services Enhance Your Customers Experience 

beautifully painted restaurant dining room.

For businesses in the Vancouver area, it’s vital to invest in the enhancement of your customer and client’s experience. Fresh interior painting services from a reputable local painting company are ideal for improving your customers’ experience. New interior paint can easily create a welcoming and warm environment clients will love.

Our Team Values Client Care

Client care is a valuable foundation for our family-run business. We provide each of our clients with exceptional quality painting services and top-notch client care. We’re eager to help you impress your clients with our affordable and beautiful interior painting services. Learn why our Vancouver clients love our work.

Boost Employee Morale with Quality Interior Paint

People feel better when in an environment that appears cared for and maintained. When people feel better, they usually are more productive too! Investing in your commercial interior space with quality painting services is also an investment in your employees. Boost your office’s look and co-worker morale in your lower mainland business with our exceptional commercial painting services.

Pro Tip #1: 

To create an environment that promotes happiness and cooperation, try choosing a yellow hue for your paint colour. Yellow is scientifically proven to enhance feelings of happiness and competence!

Fresh Interior Paint Can Amp Office Productivity

sleek office space with fresh paint

Your employees are the driving force behind your business. Just as investing in your customer’s experience is vital for your business, so too is investing in your employee’s experience. Update and refresh the office with fresh paint from a professional company to invigorate your company productivity.

Pro Tip#2: 

Blue is the colour of calm and productivity. Blend vibrant blue with shades of white to create an office environment that’s energetic and compelling.

Show Off Your Brand with New Interior Paint

Let your brand shine with help from a fresh coat of interior paint. Attract customers to your Vancouver, BC retail space with sleek, new interior colors that enhance your branding efforts. When your store, salon, or office interior is looking it’s best, your product and services will look even better, resulting in more significant traffic and sales. 

Pro Tip #3: Let your product be the star

For businesses that focus on product sales, select interior painting colours that are simple, neutral, and fresh. Allow the quality craftmanship from your professional painting contractor to enhance the appearance of your products, not to distract from them. For more detailed tips on effective colour selection, read here.

Interior Painting Services in Vancouver by AZ Painting: A Great Way to Move Your Business Forward this Winter.

Interior painting services from AZ Painting Vancouver have been improving businesses in the lower mainland since 2011. For more ideas to improve your commercial space’s interior walls, contact us. We’re happy to help your business gain the next level of success.

Ready to boost your business’s interior this winter AND save money? Call us for details about our amazing winter sale!

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4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Painting Contractor in Vancouver

To find a painting contractor in the Vancouver Area with the skills, experience, and professionalism you expect from a quality painting company, it’s important to do research before signing a contract. For impressive commercial and residential painting services in your home or business, get to know the company a little bit. By understanding exactly who is going to be in your home or business and, what quality of craftsmanship they’ll provide, will save you money and give you peace of mind in the long run.

In this article, we look at five things our expert team at AZ Painting Vancouver recommends to clients when looking for a painting contractor in the Vancouver Area. Read below for our helpful tips.

Understand the Company’s Reputation

Former client feedback is perfect for understanding what quality and level of services a potential painting contractor will provide. Reliable sources of reviews are:

  • Online. Use your favourite search engine, look up the painting company and see what people in the Vancouver Area are saying on sites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask around. Seek the advice of your friends and family for recommendations. Consult your co-workers for their valuable input.

When hiring a painting contractor we tend to perform a search on our favorite search engine platform and or ask friends or family members for recommendations.

Performing our initial due diligence definitely gives peace of mind of what to expect on things like customer service and, of course, performance. 

Interview the Painting Contractor

When meeting with a painting contractor it’s important to know the right questions to ask. You’ll learn about their skills, qualifications and find out if you can work together. During a project there can be situations that require additional attention; being able to work comfortably with your painting contractor is very important. Be sure the company has the necessary credentials and safety documents. When interviewing, request to see their WCB “Work Safe BC” clearance letter and their insurance liability certificate. Discuss the paint product lines they will use. Find out the benefits of their paint products and how it will protect your building’s surfaces.  

Questions to ask during the interview

  • Are you insured and have the right insurance in place for the project
  • Are you bonded and accredited?
  • Do you have the proper licenses?
  • How long have you been working as a painting contractor?
  • Are you a member of any professional associations? Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do you subcontract any work that might need to be done, or is it all done by your in-house employees?
  • Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?
  • Does your products carry any warranties?
  • What products do you use?
  • Do you have any references? Can I visit any of your previous jobs?

Expect a Detailed Proposal from a Painting Contractor

Once the interview process is completed, it’s time to request an estimate and potential contract for your professional painting project. Have a close look at the documents you’re provided by the contractor. A detailed, well-written proposal consists of many key elements. These are:

  • Detailed scope of the project is outlined. This includes the surfaces to be painted and worked on.
  • Products to be used is clearly specified. At AZ Painting Vancouver we feel it’s crucial for our clients to know what products are being provided.
  • Warranty is easy to identify and understand. Be sure the warranty speaks to the products being used and the workmanship being performed.
  • Estimated cost and payment plan options.
  • Timeline. You and your chosen painting contractor need to understand the project’s timelines and what is required from both sides to achieve that goal

Accreditation & Professional Associations

Select a professional painting company that has earned accreditations and accolades within their industry. In the Vancouver Area, we recommend selecting a painting company that is accredited and recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Being a member of the BBB shows the quality, capability, and integrity of the company. 

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3 Tips To Choose the Right Colours for Your Interior Painting Project

Choosing colours for your interior painting project can be very overwhelming. When you’re investing in professional painting services, you need to be confident you’ve selected the right tones that will add value and ambiance to your Greater Vancouver Area interior space. 

At AZ Painting, we find that many of our clients like to select colours that work with the room’s furnishings. Although it’s good practice for your chosen colours to complement your furnishings, it’s also important that they create the mood you’re looking for in that area.

Below are three important tips we recommend you consider when making your interior painting colour selection.

Keep Your Interior Paint Colour Choice Simple

interior painting of condo, after picture

The majority of mistakes we see that Vancouver homeowners, commercial businesses, or interior designers make when selecting interior paint colour is choosing too many colours. We understand the temptation to combine different hues and tones in a complementary manner for that ultimate wow factor, however, too many colours can result in the opposite effect. When interior paint colours are in poor contrast, they make a room appear smaller and cluttered. 

Prevent this mistake by choosing just one dominant colour to use throughout the room. To showcase your love of colour, rely on accent decor, art selections, or furniture pieces. However, if you can’t resist implementing a second colour or feature wall, be sure that second colour offsets the first one, as well as the furniture in the room. This will allow the colour to show itself and give your Vancouver interior space that wow factor. 

Consider Lighting in Your Interior Paint Colour Selection

Neutral colors in living room

The lighting of a room plays a huge roll in the colour you choose for your interior painting project, just as your selection of quality professional painters. Many default mistakes that tend to happen when selecting paint colours include opting for mid to dark colours when the room’s lighting doesn’t support that choice. It’s upsetting to find out after the paint job is completed that your chosen colour is creating an unintended result.
When we consult with our clients at AZ Painting, we assess the interior space’s lighting and factor that in as part of our colour selection recommendation services

If you have plenty of natural light shining through the windows; it’s important to have multiple samples of your colour palette in different areas of your room. This will allow you to view the colour throughout the day. It’s best to make a colour selection decision after you’ve had a full day to observe the colour at different times of the day you’re in the room.

Light or Dark? Which Effect Do You Prefer?

Before room with dark interior paint colour and after with light colour.

When picking a colour for any room, it’s important to ask yourself what effect you’d like to achieve. Do you want to create a cozy, inviting space, or would you like an area that appears open and spacious? Each colour has an energy and its own mood that effect the appearance of a room. Dark colours tend to make the room look more cozy and smaller.  Lighter colours will open the space up and make it appear larger and brighter. 
Today’s modern colours are bright white colours or whites with a bit of tint added to them. These colours are still very bright. However, with a few drops of yellow, grey or green we can ensure that the room is spacious and bright with a hint of colour to complement your furnishings.

AZ Painting offers fast and affordable interior painting services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and the surrounding area. Our in-house, skilled painters are ready to outfit your home or business interior with a beautiful new colour of your choice. If you are unsure of what colour to pick, we are happy to assist you.

commercial interior painting of the Cosentino waiting room

5 Reasons Winter is the Perfect Season for Interior Commercial Painting Projects

With the rainy season here in the lower mainland, now is the perfect time to refresh your office or commercial workspace with quality commercial painting services from AZ Painting in Vancouver. Fall and winter offer unique advantages that will benefit your business’s interior painting project. We’ve outlined 5 reasons Vancouver’s winter season is the perfect time for your commercial business to tackle an interior painting project.

Save Money on Interior Commercial Painting

Winter is known for being less busy than spring and summer for trade workers in the construction industry. This means, if you’re looking to save costs on labor for your interior painting project, winter is the right time. Wait until spring to start your Vancouver office or retail interior painting project and you’ll likely find costs are much higher than in winter!

Maximize Employee Vacation with an Interior Commercial Painting Project

Since employees often take more time off during the holiday season, take advantage of the unoccupied desks and work spaces. Winter is the perfect time to find a well-rated Vancouver painting contractor to come in and rejuvenate the interior of your commercial office rooms. 

Flexible Schedule Options in Winter

Winter has less demand for commercial painters than summer making it ideal for you to get exactly what your schedule requires from your selected interior painting company, both in price and in service. November to March is a great time frame for hiring commercial painters in Vancouver so that your investment will be long-lasting, and you’ll end up with a paint job that looks great for years to come.

Let an Interior Commerical Painting Job Boost Employee Morale

Perk up your staff’s post-holiday blues with a professional interior paint job from AZ Painting Vancouver. Upon returning from holidays, your employees will be pleased to find an invigorated and refreshed workspace. A refreshing way to work through the wet and dreary days of a Vancouver winter.

Impress Clients with a Sleek Interior Commercial Painting Job

Keep business booming after the holiday season by offering your clients an impressive space to conduct business. A good interior paint job signals to clients that you are a thriving, successful company with keen attention to detail.

Consult AZ Painting Vancouver 

At AZ painting we pride ourselves on working within our client’s time frame, budget and painting needs. Our experienced in-house employees and management team will ensure your workplace is rejuvenated and ready for work. Our associated designer will be able to assist you in implementing an energetic, focused workspace. 

AZ Painting BBB

5 Reasons Why AZ Painting is A Top Vancouver Painting Company

Family values started the company AZ Painting Ltd., in 2011, and, family values continue to drive our company forward. Founded by a local Vancouver father-and-son team, AZ Painting is backed by multiple generations of strong family values and skilled craftsmanship. 

Our dedication to maintaining a family-values approach to business is why Vancouver’s home and business owners consistently make AZ Painting their favoured choice for professional painting services within BC’s lower mainland.

1. AZ Painting Values Quality.

AZ Painting is committed to providing our clients with top-quality painting services. At AZ Painting, we know that quality service is the key to running a successful, family-based, business.

What exactly does quality mean at AZ Painting?

Quality at AZ Painting means we consistently exceed our clients expectations. And, not just in the level of craftsmanship we deliver but, in all areas of our business. 

From the moment our clients contact us for a free quote, right up until project completion, our goal is to provide courteous, professional, and reliable services to every client.

What do your clients say about the quality of AZ Painting’s services?

We’re proud to say our clients are our best supporters and we love sharing their kind reviews! 

If you are looking for a painter, you can stop looking. I am very happy with AZ Painting. My neighbours hired AZ Painting for their exterior, and we loved the results. They also gave rave reviews. We challenged AZ with painting the entire exterior, plus a cleanup of a very messy roof. Not an issue. All work was done professionally, with a high quality and at a fair cost.

⁓Fred Klassen, Houzz Review

2. AZ Painting Values Clients.

Maintaining high standards of customer service skills is important to everyone in the AZ Painting family.

We understand our clients expect services that go beyond the delivery of quality painting and  craftsmanship. Our clients expect courtesy and respect from us. For both themselves and for their property.  At AZ Painting, we happily deliver on those expectations.

How does AZ Painting exceed customer expectations?

Simply put, our clients goals become our project goals. At AZ Painting, we choose to view our clients as part of the AZ team. We work in unison with our clients to achieve a common goal. We just want the best for everyone our team.

Called Amir Sunday and they were here by Monday morning, accommodating my work schedule, I really appreciate that kind of prompt considerate service, and they did an excellent job. Would highly recommend!

⁓Gregory Roth, Client, Houzz Review

3. AZ Painting Values Experience

AZ Painting’s father-son team has a combined experience of 30+ years in the painting services industry. Through their extensive experience, and commitment to quality, this dynamic-duo has learned what it takes to be top Vancouver painting company.

How long has AZ Painting been in business?

AZ Painting Ltd., was established by Amir Z. and his father in 2011. The father and son team has been beautifying Vancouver homes and business ever since.

Does AZ share their knowledge and experience with employees?

Yes. AZ Painting only uses tradespeople that have undergone our in-house training. When you hire AZ Painting for your painting project, only individuals directly from AZ Painting will be a part of your project’s team.

We had our entire Townhouse repainted from Baseboards to Ceiling before we moved in.  From the Pre-Production meeting through to the final walk-through, Amir and his team did a great job. And they finished earlier than expected… It was also nice to see a family run business doing great work.❞

Al de Zilva, Client, Google Review

4. AZ Painting Values Versatility

Project scope and size are valued with equal measure at AZ Painting. We have the expertise and equipment to complete any painting service job for you. Interior and exterior, residential and commercial, and pretty much everything in between, AZ Painting is Vancouver’s one-stop painting service shop.

Do you refuse projects considered “too small” by other painting companies?

No. AZ Painting accepts projects of any size. We are happy to help your refresh just a single room in your house, or completely power wash and paint your commercial property.

See what one of our clients that hired AZ Painting for a small project had to say:

❝Even though the jobs were small they provided top quality service & understanding of my needs. The nursery for the soon arriving grand baby is just lovely. Definitely recommend this company to all.❞

Gail, AZ Painting Client

5. AZ Painting Values Your Values

For AZ Painting, proving our commitment to client values means being accredited by local bureaus; bureau’s that prove our integrity and honest work ethic.

Is AZ Painting a member of the BBB?

Yes. We are an accredited member of BC’s Better Business Bureau. We proudly have an A+ rating with the BBB, the highest rating an accredited business in BC can earn.

What other accreditations does AZ Painting have?

In addition to being members of the Better Business Bureau, AZ Painting is an active member with the PDCA (Painting Contractors Assosciation). Additionally, we follow safety regulations outlined by WorkSafe BC.

AZ Painting is Good Value for You.

AZ Painting is one of Vancouver’s best professional painting companies. We are a perfect choice for anyone in BC’s lower mainland looking to hire a painting service that can guarantee outstanding service, use of superior products, and who will gladly accommodate your individual painting service needs.

Summer is the perfect time for a residential exterior revamp! Connect with AZ Painting today and let’s get started on a professional painting update guaranteed to invigorate your home!

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Solid color – Semi-Transparent – natural transparent staining

Protective stain coating to wooden surfaces

Staining is a protective method to ensure that oak, fir or other natural wood has a beautiful sheen. Currently there are three types of stains available. There is alkyd, polyurethane and waterborne stains. They all, but some more than others, have some gas off prior to drying.

solid color staining AZ Painting
Exterior painting portfolio AZ Painting

Semi-transparent stain colours

Enhance the look of stained wood with a semi-transparent colour. This option can be used to highlight focal point structures of the property with beautiful colours. For the exterior, use the polyurethane or alkyd base stains for protection from weather elements.

Solid color stain

Solid colour stains are opaque colours that can be applied on top of previously natural or semi-transparent stained wood. For the exterior, polyurethane and alkyd finish bases are an outstanding choice as the colour will tend to stay longer.

AZ Painting job well done
Exterior staining project

Natural stain material

A natural stain finish is great for maintenance work  — applying an additional coat every few years. This will ensure that the surface has adequate coating to protect the surface in all weather. We can also apply this product on bare wood as it will enhance the natural look of the wood.

beautiful exterior staining AZ Painting

Natural Staining

We recently completed the natural stain painting of the Vancouver area house shown below. For this job it was extremely important to prepare the wood properly.

Painting the fence

The importance of preparation

The house is located in a very damp and humid area of the lower mainland. It is very important to understand the weather conditions around the project site to ensure that the material will adhere properly to the surface. The preparation to any coating project starts by disinfecting the surfaces. By disinfecting we are referring to cleaning any dirt, mildew, or algae that has been trapped between the edges or on the flat surfaces.

Before and after images of deck

Sanding methods prior to staining

After we thoroughly cleaned the surfaces, we spent the next five days sanding all the edges and flat surfaces of the wood. This step is also crucial: if the sanding is not done correctly, the top coat natural stain will not penetrate properly and will leave a thicker coating on the surface. Sanding must be done with a consistent pressure to make sure the surface is sanded evenly without any burn marks from the belt machine.

At work painting house

Natural staining

Once we finished sanding the surfaces with 100 grid sand paper and finished with smooth 140 grid sandpaper, we washed or blew away any loose debris. The most fun part of a project is applying the stain to the clean surface and seeing the true color of the wood emerging.

Best Vancouver caulking service

Which Caulking Should you Use?

Variety of caulking products

Hardware stores carry a variety of caulking material: from silicone to acrylic products, there are many options available. How do you know which caulk is best for your project? Regardless of how the caulk is labeled, it is important to consider what it is made from, how it adheres to different surfaces, and the conditions of where you will be using it, to determine which one to buy. In a bathroom with a shower you would want to use a caulk that has UV and mildew protection, for example.

Silicone caulking

Silicone caulk will seal gaps but you will still be  able to see the original colour of the surface. It is mildew resistant, durable and flexible, but can’t be painted. As such, silicone caulk is best used on areas that already have a factory finish coating. Some best places to use silicone caulk are: sinks, around countertops and backsplash walls or finished stained woods.

Acrylic caulking

Acrylic caulking can be used on many different surfaces such as wood, masonry or tiles to name a few. It can be sanded and painted, but is best used in areas that will not get wet. It is very important to caulk joints to hide gaps and ensure that water can’t seep through and cause damage. Caulking joints also helps to keep the warm air inside and the cold outside.

Need caulking services for your Vancouver area home or business?

Learn more about our caulking services to see why Burnaby, Coquitlam and lower mainland customers enjoy working with us. Or if you’re ready to get started, contact us to discuss your next commercial or residential caulking project today.

Completed waterproofing project

Waterproofing Coating | Exterior Brick Wall

Importance of painting maintenance

This commercial project needed a tremendous amount of preparation before painting the exterior of the building. Weather was damaging the building, especially the mortar around the bricks. Certain sections of the stucco had long cracks and alligator lines. The metal siding had rusted in areas. Some panels required removal for adjustments, before we put them back into place.

Completed waterproofing project
After Waterproofing

Before waterproofing. Building from the street-side
Before Waterproofing

In-house crew preparation

The importance of preparation for a waterproofing coating is critical. The purpose of  waterproofing the brick and stucco walls is to ensure that no further damage will occur to these surfaces. The crew must be knowledgeable  about the materials and skilled enough to apply the right amount of material to the surface for the product to move with the building structure, for the success of this type of coating. This is important, as the product requirements must be followed for the product to truly perform up to its standards.