Case Study

Find out how we transformed this house to show its value of 1.2M dollars

Client: Exterior residential painting
Date: 2018
Services Provided: Colour consultation, Waterproofing the stucco of the house, repatching and fixing broken stucco and repairing the chimney aluminum cap.

Our client located in Burnaby had recently renovated the interior of his home and the windows of this house were replaced, the stucco was patched poorly and was painted with a pink colour. This was a beautiful house but had a poor colour combination which did not match with the new renovation.

painting Vancouver

This picture was taken when father and son are working together and discussing the difficulties of a project on the equipment and strategies required to apply waterproofing coating on the exterior stucco of this residential property.

Ghasem and Amir

What We Did

Once a project confirmation has been received, AZ painting consulted the client with three colour options that brought them a vision on how the property would look once the project was completed.

The stucco patched areas looked completely in keeping with the rest of the surface. We shaved off the stucco areas that were patched excessively and repatched the broken areas that the stucco was broken. With three coats of elastomeric paint we ensured that the stucco was ready for the upcoming winter season.

Caulking further ensured that the house was properly sealed against the weather elements. This will ensure that the heat produced inside the house will not scape through the joinings or have outside cold air coming in.

We applied an industrial strength coat of a Sherwin-William product for performance and durability on the metal cap that goes over the chimney. This should ensure that it will not rust in the long run.

The Results

Amir at AZ painting was very organized and professional. He painted the exterior of our house every well and was accommodating when we changed our chosen colors. I would recommend AZ painting for any painting project. Thank you Amir!

– John Cartmel